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Board of Appeals for Charles County - Agenda

Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Tuesday, March 10, 2015   Docket 1341 Staff Report

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Charles County Operating Status Updates for March 6
Charles County Government

Charles County Government is closed tomorrow, Friday, March 6 due to inclement weather. Essential personnel and employees required to maintain operations during inclement weather are to report to work as scheduled.

The following Charles County facilities and services also are closed or canceled today:


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Reject Waldorf Wal-Mart proposal
Maryland Independent - LTE

I live near the Ken Dixon dealership and Sam’s Club. Over Thanksgiving break, I was helping my father with yard work when two of our neighbors approached us with posters and fliers.

They informed us about a Wal-Mart Supercenter being built less than a quarter of a mile away from our neighborhood. Wal-Mart already sits on Acton Lane, very close to the proposed new location. Wal-Mart has tried building other super stores in Clinton and La Plata.

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Guilford development needs public hearing
Maryland Independent - LTE

As a child I hiked the Guilford property, and it’s heartbreaking to see what could happen to this forested gem of Charles County that includes a rare magnolia bog and old-growth trees.

More and more people from the areas that will be adversely affected by the increased traffic from Guilford are speaking out, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to mitigate this traffic. It’s imperative that a public hearing and a period for written comments be allowed.

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Chamber of commerce grills lawmakers at annual breakfast
Jeff Newman ― Maryland Independent

Sen. Thomas “Mac” Middleton and Del. Sally Y. Jameson reiterated their skepticism over legislation that would double the amount of energy state utilities must provide from renewable sources Monday during the Charles County Chamber of Commerce’s annual legislative breakfast.

The state currently requires that 20 percent of all energy come from renewable sources by 2022, but the bill before the legislature would increase the mandate to 40 percent by 2025.

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Indian Head readies for election
Rebecca J. Barnabi ― Maryland Independent

The Indian Head Town Council appointed three women to serve as members of the town’s Board of Supervisors of Elections at its regular meeting Monday.

Mary Hashagen, Michelle Mabry and Rose Chase will serve for four years on the board. Nancy McGuigan and Linda Mohler serve as substitutes.

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‘Zero tolerance’ policy expelled from student code of conduct
Jeremy Bauer-Wolf ― Maryland Independent

Charles County Public Schools administration has rolled out the draft of a new code of student conduct.

The new code emphasizes the idea that students should be in school as much as possible, being suspended only in extreme cases, a directive of the Maryland State Department of Education.

Introduced by Assistant Superintendent of Administration Sylvia Lawson at the Charles County Board of Education meeting Feb. 10, the code will be enacted for the 2015-16 school year.

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Proposed birth injury fund pits hospitals against trial lawyers
Len Lazarick ―

A bill to create a no-fault birth injury fund in Maryland pits two traditional opponents — hospitals and the trial lawyers who sue them for malpractice.

Sponsored by Sen. Catherine Pugh and 22 delegates in House, including three doctors, SB585 and HB553 would set up a fund paid for by the hospitals that would finance the living and care expenses of any baby suffering a neurological injury from actions at the hospitals.

The hospitals would pay $25 million a year into the fund, based on actuary’s estimate that only about seven babies a year would qualify.

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Mayor to NYC businesses: Start pay at $13 an hour
Daily Record

Mayor Bill de Blasio, promoting his message of income equality and empowering the less fortunate, pressed influential New York City business leaders on Thursday to raise their workers’ starting pay to $13 an hour.

The liberal mayor made his call in front of a group that broadly supported his predecessor, billionaire businessman Michael Bloomberg, and at times had been skeptical of de Blasio’s agenda: a gathering of the well-heeled and powerful known as The Association for a Better New York.

“I want to call on you, the business leaders gathered in this room, to do your part,” the mayor, a Democrat, said. “I need you, we all need you, to take responsibility for providing the great people in this city with the opportunities, the better wages, the chances for advancement that they need and deserve.”

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New diesel truck filters linked to fires, explosions, but officials unbudged
Ethan Barton ― Washington Examiner

Violent explosions, deadly truck fires and devastated small businesses may have stemmed from environmental regulations based on a flawed study; one led by researchers accused of faking their credentials and ignoring serious conflicts of interest.

Special filters intended to decrease emissions by diesel trucks of particulate matter 2.5 are required by the California Air Resources Board to be equipped on all diesel trucks that operate in California. If the filters are judged to be successful in decreasing air pollution, some observers worry that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will encourage more states to mandate their use.

Such encouragement from EPA would come despite litigation charging that the filters endanger drivers and others with extremely high-temperature fires, significant economic losses, and doubts about the device’s effectiveness in reducing harmful emssions.

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Republican bill aims to limit consumer bureau’s power
Joseph Lawler ― Washington Examiner

Republicans kicked off an effort to limit the power of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau this week, starting with a House bill to replace the bureau’s single director with a five-member commission.

Rep. Randy Neugebauer, a Texas Republican and chairman of the House Financial Services subcommittee overseeing consumer credit, introduced the legislation, which represents one of the goals for Republicans in scaling back the power granted to the new agency by the 2010 Dodd-Frank financial reform law. A five-member commission would make it similar to the Securities and Exchange Commission or the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

Republicans also have expressed a desire to give it a dedicated inspector general and subject the bureau to congressional appropriations. It is currently funded by the independent Federal Reserve, depriving legislators of one form of control.

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Monkeys at risk for bioterror bacteria put outdoors
Alison Young ― USA TODAY

More than 175 monkeys that were potentially exposed to a bioterror bacteria inside a major Louisiana research complex were returned to their outdoor cages before officials knew the deadly pathogen was on the loose from a lab accident.

The new admission by the Tulane National Primate Research Center, in response to repeated questions from USA TODAY, raises further questions about contamination of the environment outside of the massive research campus north of New Orleans. The bacteria, which is not found in the United States and can cause severe disease in people and animals, can live and grow in soil and water.

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NASA’s Dawn spacecraft moves in on dwarf planet Ceres

The largest celestial body in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter welcomes its first visitor Friday.

NASA’s Dawn spacecraft was due to slip into orbit around Ceres for the first exploration of a dwarf planet. Unlike other orbit captures that require thruster firings to slow down, the latest event is ho-hum by comparison, unfolding gradually and automatically.

Since Dawn is out of contact with Earth during the encounter, flight controllers won’t receive confirmation until hours later.

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Data Doctors: FREAK security flaw in some computers, smartphones
Ken Colburn ― WTOP

What exactly is the FREAK security flaw that’s been discovered on smartphones, and what do I need to do about it?
Users of Safari on Mac and iOS devices, as well as stock browsers on many Android devices, could be vulnerable when they visit certain secure websites that start with https://.
Today, this legacy design still exists in some popular programs, leaving users of these programs vulnerable to some pretty serious exploitation on sites that they may assume are secure.

We’ve all been told to look for the https:// at the beginning of a web address as a sign that the connection between us and the website is secure, but the researchers found a way to exploit this legacy issue. They discovered that they could force browsers to use the older weaker encryption, then crack it over the course of a couple hours, then steal password and personal information and even take over websites themselves to further their attacks.

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Open Thread - March 6, 2015


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