Sunday, May 27, 2007
Open Thread - May 28, 2007


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Hardee’s sues Jack In The Box Inc. over… that suggest that Hardee’s use cow anus to make Angus beef hamburgers.

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Budget Shortfall Renews Push for Slots

With Maryland facing a fiscal crisis and yet another governor warning that the Preakness Stakes could soon leave, many in Annapolis believe lawmakers will finally legalize slot-machine gambling, pumping hundreds of millions of dollars into the state budget and propping up the faltering horse-racing industry.

Yet the betting is far different among a band of slots opponents who gathered last week to start gearing up for what is certain to be another bruising fight. The opponents’ hope is that the prickly details that helped sink every slots bill pushed by former governor Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. (R) will once again prevent consensus. [Wash. Post]

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Opponents of Cove Point Expansion Find an Ally

Calvert County Commissioner Barbara A. Stinnett (D-At Large) cast the lone vote against the approval of a letter voicing support for renewal of the plant’s air emissions permit, issued by the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE). [So. Md. Extra]

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Melvin Beall puts a lame spin on stadium

Local officials are cautiously optimistic that the Maryland General Assembly will approve an extra $1.7 million to help pay for construction

So. Md. Extra

“Just by holding off for a few extra months, we cut costs by $6 million,” said Melvin C. Beall Jr., the county’s acting director of planning and growth management. “There was really a huge benefit to taking our time.”

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Permit denial stirs anger

Some want to protect bay; Kent Island rejection devastates others

The state Board of Public Works’ unusual decision last week to deny a crucial permit to a large, long-planned waterfront community on Kent Island has developers crying foul and warning that more sprawl could result. [Balt. Sun]

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