Wednesday, September 30, 2009
Criticism Is Mounting Over Flood Premiums

Congress is preparing to extend the National Flood Insurance Program for another year, despite warnings that the program lacks adequate controls and may be shifting too much money to the insurance industry.

The insurance program, deeply in debt since Hurricane Katrina, operates as a public-private partnership, collecting more than $2 billion in annual premiums. The Federal Emergency Management Agency runs the program, and the government bears all the risk.

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Employment Opportunities

Job Title: U.S. Census Bureau Jobs

Department: Other

Work Location: Regional

Salary: Varies

Closing Date: Open until filled.

Job Description Summary:

Please note that these positions are NOT County Government positions.

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State, local revenues soared until 2007: census

Before the U.S. recession delivered a one-two punch to state and local economies, most cities and states experienced five years of rapid revenue and spending growth, according to a U.S. Census Bureau report.

From 2002 to 2007, state and local government revenue increased 69.6 percent to $3.1 trillion, while expenditures rose 29.5 percent to $2.7 trillion, according to the Census Bureau report released on Wednesday.

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GAO report: Millions in fraud, drug abuse clogs Medicaid
Kathy Kiely ― USA TODAY

As Congress debates the government’s role in health care, a report out Wednesday finds that state and federal officials failed to detect millions of dollars in Medicaid prescription drug abuse.

An audit of the government program in five large states found about 65,000 instances of beneficiaries improperly obtaining potentially addictive drugs at a cost of about $65 million during 2006 and 2007 — including thousands of prescriptions written for dead patients or by people posing as doctors.

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Judges can order guns out of homes in protective order cases
Kate Ryan ― WTOP

Two new laws are aimed at that particular problem - to curb the violence that often escalates after a protective order is issued and to reduce the likelihood that those confrontations end with a fatality.

According to Maryland Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown, the laws accomplish two things.

“Judges across Maryland will now have the authority in the context of a temporary order to order that a firearm be surrendered. In the case of a permanent, or a final protective order, judges will now mandate the surrender of firearms,” Brown says.

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NORAD to conduct flight exercise over D.C. area

The North American Aerospace Defense Command and the Continental U.S. NORAD Region plans a training flight exercise over Washington.

The exercise, called Falcon Virgo 10-01, will take place late Wednesday and early Thursday. It will include air force F-16s and Coast Guard helicopters.

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Md. policy on children ‘not working,’ Conway says
Julie Bykowicz ― Baltimore Sun

The Maryland Department of Human Resources’ new effort to place children in family settings rather than in group homes when their parents can’t care for them “is not working,” a state lawmaker said at a hearing Tuesday.

Sen. Joan Carter Conway, chairwoman of the Senate committee that oversees social services, also accused Human Resources Secretary Brenda Donald of unfairly putting private group home providers out of business.

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Stricter toxic-chemical law sought
Timothy B. Wheeler ― Baltimore Sun

The Obama administration intends to seek a major overhaul of the 33-year-old federal law regulating the safety of chemicals used in a wide range of consumer products, the head of the Environmental Protection Agency announced last night.

EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson said her agency needs more authority to assess the safety of the thousands of chemicals in use in commerce, and to restrict and even ban chemicals it deems a health or environmental risk. She laid out the administration’s goals for reforming the law in a speech Tuesday night in San Francisco.

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Full Court of Appeals hears racial profiling documents case
STEVE LASH ― Daily Record

The NAACP returned to the Court of Special Appeals on Tuesday to defend its right to see documents relating to about 100 complaints of racial profiling by the Maryland State Police along I-95.

The state police classified every one of the complaints as unsubstantiated. But David R. Moore, who represents the police, told the court that records from the internal investigations are exempt from disclosure under the Maryland Public Information Act.
Tuesday’s rare full-court hearing was the latest salvo in litigation that stretches back to 1993. Under a 2003 federal consent decree, the state police agreed to submit quarterly reports regarding racial-profiling complaints.

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Cameras Deliver Swift Lessons
Michael S. Rosenwald ― Washington Post

Starting Thursday, the questions will spread beyond Montgomery County roads, where cameras have operated since 2007, and across Maryland, as a new law allows cameras in school and work zones statewide. The story of one speed camera on Wootton Parkway offers some answers.
In December, three months after installation: 1,678 citations. In January 2008: 1,463. By September 2008, the monthly citations count had dipped below 700. And three months ago, the camera caught 555 speeders. Drivers obviously got the memo.

The speed measurements also tell the story: Before the camera went up, the mean speed along that stretch was 27.4 mph. Now it’s 23 mph, a 16 percent reduction. Drivers are so aware of the camera that they are moving at speeds below the posted limit. “That’s much more than we expected,” said Rockville police Capt. Robert Rappoport.

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Md. Tests A Blow To Two Counties
Nelson Hernandez ― Washington Post

Educationally speaking, Montgomery and Prince George’s counties are a world apart. But when it comes to hurdling Maryland’s ever-rising bar for academic achievement, the two school systems have one thing in common: They tripped up this year.

Both counties failed to meet Maryland’s standards for elementary, middle and high school students, according to state data on standardized tests taken in the past school year.

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Senators Ready a Bill on Greenhouse Gases
Juliet Eilperin ― Washington Post

The Senate Environment and Public Works Committee will unveil a bill Wednesday that aims to make deep cuts in U.S. greenhouse-gas emissions in the near and long term while setting a limit on the cost of carbon allowances, according to several sources and a close-to-final version of the bill obtained by The Washington Post.

The bill, which is still being revised, would make it easier for businesses to compensate for their carbon pollution by expanding the available pool of domestic offsets by 40 percent compared with the House-passed climate bill authored by Reps. Henry A. Waxman (D-Calif.) and Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.). It does not specify how pollution allowances would be allocated, which is sure to be a key battle as the bill moves forward.

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Open Thread - September 30, 2009


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Tuesday, September 29, 2009
Incident Reports

Charles County Sheriff’s Office - 09/29/09

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The Results Are In!

From‘s online survey:

(Sept. 23) Are your county commissioners doing a good job?

  * Charles (423 votes)

    Yes (6%)

    No (94%)

  * St. Mary’s(73 votes)

    Yes (25%)

    No (75%)

  * Calvert(50 votes)

    Yes (30%)

    No (70%)

And judging by the number who’ve joined this Facebook cause, those results are a pretty accurate representation of the general public.

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