Sunday, January 10, 2010
U. of Md Gets $10M Grant for New Lab
WTTG-TV (Fox 5)

The University of Maryland has received a $10.3 million federal grant to build an advanced physics lab.

U.S. Rep. Steny Hoyer, D-Md., says the federal economic stimulus dollars will expand research and create jobs.

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Md. Agency Rescues Stranded Pelicans
WTTG-TV (Fox 5)

About 40 brown pelicans in southern Maryland didn’t get the message when freezing winds started whipping around the Chesapeake Bay.

They stayed behind in St. Mary’s County when others flew south for the winter. Now, Maryland’s Department of Natural Resources has spent the past week rescuing the starving, freezing birds spotted on a beach near a seafood restaurant.

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18th Annual Antique Show & Sale

Event: 18th Annual Antique Show & Sale

Details: Location: La Plata High School, 6035 Radio Station Rd, MD 20646
Saturday, February 13, 2010: 10 am - 5 pm
Sunday, February 14, 2010: 11 am - 4 pm
Description: Antique Dealers from the Mid-Atlantic Region - Something for everyone at every price - Refreshments available
Admission: $5.00 w/Flyer $4.00 (

If you have questions, please call 301-259-2411

Additional Information

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CareFirst must raise its surplus
Danielle Ulman ― Daily Record

The Maryland Insurance Administration will require CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield to identify an appropriate range of money to cover catastrophic events, with or without the legislature’s approval.

But support from lawmakers would give state insurance regulators the power to approve the range of surplus Maryland’s largest insurer would need to have on hand every five years, said Beth Sammis, the insurance administration’s new acting commissioner.
Maryland policyholders who buy insurance on their own and employer groups could face sharp annual increases in their premium costs over the next few years to allow CareFirst to build up its surplus, but Sammis said the insurance administration is still reviewing the numbers. She said there would not be a specific increase that she could point to as a result of the surplus because added costs will vary depending on the policyholder’s plan.
CareFirst’s surplus is at 503 percent of its risk-based capital, but Invotex said it should be between 825 percent and 1,075 percent of risk-based capital.

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State, Resort Seeking Burial Laws
Bryan Russo ― The Dispatch

City Solicitor Guy Ayres has been petitioned by the Ocean City Police Department to draw up a local ordinance that would make it unlawful to improperly bury or dispose of a body in Ocean City.
Coincidentally, there is a bill involving similar subject matter set to go before the General Assembly, titled House Bill 12, which will reportedly be introduced next week in Annapolis, that would make it a misdemeanor offense to improperly bury or dispose of a deceased body.

Currently, there is technically no state law that prohibits improper burial or disposal of a body, as was infamously brought to light in the 2007 case in which a woman was cleared of first-, second-, and third-degree murder charges after police discovered a recently stillborn fetus wrapped in a towel under her bathroom sink, and later, found three more fetuses around their Ocean City residence.

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Md. heritage tax credits turning green
Nicholas Sohr ― Daily Record

Gov. Martin O’Malley’s $50 million plan to restructure the heritage tax credit will expand the program to focus on “green” projects with ties to mass transit.

“We need to reinvest in Main Street now that we’ve stabilized Wall Street,” O’Malley said while standing in the gutted Druid Mill on Union Avenue. “There’s a long tail of unemployment out there and it’s affecting the construction trades more than anywhere else.”

The Sustainable Communities Tax Credit would promote rehabilitation projects, like the one slated for the mill, by offering tax credits equal to a portion of capital improvements to “certified heritage structures.” Under legislation being crafted by the Democrat’s administration, an emphasis would be put on projects that achieve LEED certification for limiting their environmental impact, are energy efficient and link to public transportation networks. The $50 million would be spread over three years.

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For The Record: MDE Permits, Licenses, Certifications Applications and Issuances

The following is a partial list by county of permit, license, and certification applications and issuances as well as other MDE permitting activity between 10/16/2009 thru 11/15/2009 . For more information on these permits, please contact MDE’s Customer Service Center at (410) 537-3772.




CHARLES COUNTY COMMISSIONERS C/O CHARLES COUNTY DEPT. OF UTILITIES – 5310 Hawthorne Road, LaPlata, MD 20646.  (09-1167) Sewerage permit to construct pumping station rehab at Pinefield Road and Cotuit Circle in Waldorf

FCD DEVELOPMENT, LLC – 7920 Norfolk Ave., Suite 88, Bethesda, MD 20814.  (09-1175) Water permit to construct water mains at Acton Lane @ Old Washington road (MD Route 925)

NTW, LLC #586 - 2395 Crain Hwy, Waldorf, MD 20601.  Application received for Scrap Tire Secondary Collection Facility License Application


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Cheverly hospital joining federal crisis response effort
Natalie McGill ― Gazette

Facility will provide training for terrorism attacks or public health disasters

A new federally funded partnership that will make Prince George’s Hospital Center in Cheverly a destination in the event of a public health disaster or terrorist attack may help boost the hospital’s appeal to buyers to purchase the struggling county hospital system.

A total of $2.5 million in federal funding will go toward the Maryland/National Capital Region Emergency Preparedness Partnership to link Prince George’s Hospital Center, Malcolm Grow Medical Center on Joint Base Andrews and the University of Maryland Medical System to provide training and health care in the event of a chemical or biological terrorism attack, U.S. Sen. Barbara A. Mikulski (D) of Baltimore said in a Friday press conference at the hospital center.

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MCTC strip-search case dropped in Md. court

Eight Maryland Correctional Training Center workers who contend they were illegally strip-searched for contraband are pursuing their claims in federal court.

Attorney Robert Schulte said Friday the plaintiffs allowed their complaint in Washington County Circuit Court to lapse in late December in favor of the federal case they filed around the same time in July 2009.
The strip search turned up no contraband either on employees or in their vehicles

The federal complaint seeks $50 million in compensatory and punitive damages for each plaintiff. It claims the state prison agency violated their civil rights when they were strip-searched by co-workers who were alerted by a drug-sniffing machine. No drugs were found.

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Consumer borrowing plunges
MARTIN CRUTSINGER ― Houston Chronicle

Americans borrowed less for a 10th consecutive month in November, with total credit and borrowing on credit cards falling by the largest amounts on records going back nearly seven decades.

The dramatic declines raised new worries about whether consumers will cut back further on spending, making it harder for the economy to mount a sustained rebound.

The Federal Reserve said Friday that total borrowing dropped by $17.5 billion in November, a much bigger decline than the $5 billion decrease economists had expected.

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P.G. County Opts for Mobile Speed Cameras

Prince George’s County has put the brakes on a plan to install fixed speed cameras in dozens of school zones, and is instead opting for about 10 mobile cameras that police can use as needed.
The county originally planned to put about 40 fixed cameras around school zones, generating about 124,000 tickets a year. Now, the county executive is scrapping that idea. Jack Johnson says the county will now work with the police department to use about ten mobile cameras, rotating them throughout school zones across the county.

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BOARD OF APPEALS AGENDA - Tuesday, January 12, 2010



Docket #1059 – James M. Long
Renewal of a Special Exception to operate an ATV Park (continued from December 8, 2009)

Orders to be signed:

Docket #1236 – New Cingular Wireless
Docket #1239 – Society for the Restoration of Port Tobacco
Docket #1241 – Berkleigh, LLC

Minutes to be approved: December 8, 2009

Other: Required Education Course for members of Planning Commission or Board of Appeals

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Public Hearing: Bill Number 2009-15 Bond Authorization

Board Docs - Charles County Commissioners’ Meeting - Tuesday, January 12, 2010

1.10 [2:00 p.m.] Public Hearing: Bill Number 2009-15 Bond Authorization (Ms. Deborah Hudson, Director of Fiscal & Administrative Services)

2009_15 Bond Authorization.pdf

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False Alarm Fee Waiver Request and Outstanding Invoices

Board Docs - Charles County Commissioners’ Meeting - Tuesday, January 12, 2010

1.08 [12:30 p.m.] False Alarm Fee Waiver Request and Outstanding Invoices (Mr. Bill Stephens, Emergency Services)

False Alarm Agency Past Due120409.pdf

BOE False Alarm Waiver Request.pdf

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Watch Works Newsletter

Charles County Sheriff’s Office - January / February 2010

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