Wednesday, January 27, 2010
Supreme Court Ruling Won’t Affect Md. State Elections
Southern Maryland Online

State Does Not Have Restrictions on Corporate Political Advertising


ANNAPOLIS (Jan. 27, 2010) - Last Thursday’s Supreme Court ruling, which struck down restrictions on political spending by corporations, would have no effect on Maryland state elections, according to the State Board of Elections.

In a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court ruled that bans on political advertising financed by corporations or unions violate the First Amendment right to free speech.

“Maryland never had any sort of prohibition against corporate speech,” said Jared DeMarinis, director of candidacy and campaign finance for the State Board of Elections.

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County Animal Response Team Fundraiser at Texas Roadhouse in La Plata


Join us for dinner on February 24, 2010 and Texas Roadhouse will donate 10% back to the CART-County Animal Response Team.

Please download, print and turn in this flyer when purchasing.

CART is a group of volunteers in cooperation with the Charles County Department of Emergency Services/Animal Control Division and is recruiting volunteers to assist in the response to animals during disasters such as tornadoes, fire, electrical storms, and more. We are looking for volunteers to work with rescue efforts, sheltering, and administrative capacities.

For more information on CART and contact information, see the County’s webpage here.

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Route 231 To Be Closed at Main Street in Prince Frederick for Emergency Repairs
Southern Maryland Online

The Maryland State Highway Administration and Calvert County Department of Public Works will close the intersection of Rt. 231 (Church Street) at Main Street in Prince Frederick beginning on or about February 2 to complete emergency repairs to the 12-inch public sewer main line in that area. Main Street through traffic will not be disrupted.

It is expected that the repairs will be completed on or about March 9. Detour signs and message boards will direct motorists to alternate routes.

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2010 Winter Sports Rehabilitation Schedule Announced for Wounded Warrior Project
Southern Maryland Online

U.S. Paralympics joins to provide major support for Winter Sports Rehabilitation program, to teach lifelong sports skills and elite racing opportunities, free-of-cost, to severely wounded service members

Severely wounded service members who have fought in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, will participate in the winter sports rehabilitation programs offered by Disabled Sports USA (DS/USA) in partnership with its local chapters and Wounded Warrior Project. The activities for the Wounded Warrior Disabled Sports Project will include a series of “learn-to” and advanced level training clinics in snow skiing, snowboarding and Nordic skiing.

This year U.S. Paralympics has joined as a national partner of the program to provide not only introductory adaptive sports, but also opportunities for wounded warriors to participate in advanced level training and competitions, leading to qualification for the Paralympic Winter Games. Wounded warriors, Andrew Soule and Heath Calhoun, both double leg amputees, are contenders for the 2010 Paralympic Winter Games in Vancouver. They are pioneering the way for other wounded warriors to compete.

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Charles Commissioners Vote No to Pay Raise for Next 4 Years
Southern Maryland Online

After listening to constituent comments and conducting additional research to determine the salaries of other commissioners and local elected officials across the State of Maryland and the Washington Metropolitan area, the Charles County Commissioners voted unanimously not to move forward with the Compensation Commission’s recommended increases in County Commissioner salaries. The County Commissioners’ salaries will remain unchanged during the next four year term.
A third motion adopted by the Commissioners set a goal of investigating an alternative method of reviewing and recommending changes in compensation for future Boards of County Commissioners that would be completely independent of the incumbent Board of County Commissioners.

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St. Mary’s BOCC Anticipates a Bothersome Budget
The Bay Net

By Carrie Griffin Munn

The St. Mary’s Board of County Commissioners met Tuesday, Jan. 26 in Leonardtown. Commissioner Larry Jarboe suggested preparedness for what he called a “doomsday budget” from the state which is proposing a 7 percent cut across the board. 
The BOCC recognized the placement of two historically significant tobacco barns to the National Register of Historic Places. The De la Brooke Barn, owned by Norton and Nancy Dodge, and the Bond/Simms barn complex, owned by the state and located at Greenwell State Park, will help preserve the rich history of tobacco farming in Md. A Southern Md. Tobacco Barn Summit will be held Jan. 31 at the Calvert Library.

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Has Hoyer Become the Tyrant of Southern Maryland?
Southern Maryland Online

Commentary by Ron Miller

What’s Happened to Hoyer?

I recently attended an event for Charles Lollar, a friend and fellow Republican from Charles County who has filed to run against House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer for the 5th District’s seat in the U.S. Congress. While there, I joined in on a conversation between two women who attended the town hall meeting Hoyer held last summer in Waldorf on the health bill. These women could have been your relatives, neighbors or someone you’d sit next to in church - these weren’t rabble rousers or troublemakers.
She replied that what was reported in the news was nothing compared to what happened in person. She said Hoyer was arrogant and rude to those who didn’t already agree with him, and he had a bunch of union muscle there to intimidate these average citizens looking to petition their Congressman in accordance with their rights under the First Amendment. A lot of people who were fence-sitters when it came to politics left that meeting as activists, dedicated to defeating Steny Hoyer this fall.

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Incident and Arrest Reports
Southern Maryland Online

LA PLATA, Md. (Jan. 27, 2010) - The Charles County Sheriff’s Office today released the following incident and arrest reports.

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Fundraising sluggish in latest data
ALAN BRODY ― Maryland Independent

If the latest campaign finance data is any indication, the 2010 election season is off to a slow start for state offices in Southern Maryland.

The most competitive race appears to be shaping up in Charles County, where a few candidates are lining up to succeed retiring Del. Murray D. Levy.

But even there, the dash for cash is so far more like a stroll.

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Hennessey announces she is register of wills hopeful
SARA POYNOR ― Maryland Independent

For lifelong Charles County resident Loraine Hennessy, the register of wills is an office of compassion and integrity, one which she believes she could transition into easily.

Hennessy, a Democrat, announced her candidacy for register of wills in December and officially filed Friday for the 2010 primary election.

If elected, Hennessy hopes to offer “new momentum and a fresh set of eyes,” she said. “There’s a lot of change going on, [the register of wills office] will be moving into the new courthouse.”

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Commissioners turn down pay raise plan
MEREDITH SOMERS ― Maryland Independent

Political heat from many in county preceded vote

A bitter two-month quarrel between the Charles County commissioners and their constituents over whether or not a salary increase was justified has ended.

On Tuesday, the board voted unanimously to reject a Charles County Compensation Commission recommendation to bump the commissioners’ president’s pay by $28,000 and raise the other commissioner seats by nearly $24,000 over four years.

A proposal to increase the stipends of several other boards and commissions has been tabled until the development of the fiscal 2011 budget later in the spring.

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200 have frank talk about race
SARA POYNOR ― Maryland Independent

Forum provides time for opinions on tough subject

Participants separated into nine small groups, all of which set out to answer the question, “What racial issue, if solved, would have the most positive impact on Charles County?” said Amy Calvin, county government spokeswoman. “Inevitably, each group [had] a different discussion.”

“I was pleased with the level of participation, people were passionate, people were honest,” Dion said Monday. “Not everyone agreed, which was great. It wasn’t at all politically correct. It was just honest conversation.”

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Record number of young Americans jobless

Teenagers have found it significantly harder to get a job since the recession began in late 2007, with black youths and young people from low-income families faring the worst, wrote Andrew Sum of Northeastern University in Boston, a employment researcher commissioned by the Chicago Urban League and the Alternative Schools Network.

“Low-income and minority youth, who depended on part-time jobs as a significant stepping stone to future employment, have been forced out of the job market and economically marginalized,” Herman Brewer of the Chicago Urban League said in a statement.

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Md. bill would ban SWAT team use for misdemeanors

Law enforcement officers in Maryland would be prohibited from doing SWAT team raids on homes where residents are suspected of misdemeanor offenses, under a bill considered Tuesday by a Senate committee.

Bill sponsor Sen. C. Anthony Muse, D-Prince George’s, has also proposed requiring the State’s Attorney office in each county to sign SWAT team search warrant applications before they are submitted to judges. SWAT typically stands for special weapons and tactics.

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More court cases to test campaign-finance limits
Fredreka Schouten ― USA TODAY

With corporations and unions now free to spend unlimited amounts on campaign ads, a series of court challenges coast-to-coast could unravel other campaign-finance restrictions — including limits on contributions to political groups.

The next test comes today, when a nine-member federal appeals panel in Washington holds oral arguments to consider whether an independent political group, SpeechNow, should be subject to a $5,000 annual cap on donations from individuals. Three judges on the same court last year voted to nullify those restrictions in a separate case involving EMILY’s List, which works to elect women candidates who support abortion rights.

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