Thursday, December 09, 2010
Westboro church to picket at Edwards’ funeral
Chelsi Zash ― USA TODAY

A Kansas church says it is planning to protest during Saturday’s public memorial service for Elizabeth Edwards.
Westboro Baptist Church, known for its protests at servicemembers’ funerals, plans to protest for 90 minutes until the service begins. The protests typically speak out against homosexuality. Westboro’s announcement of the picket also claims that God hates Edwards and that she is dead because she thought she could control God.

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Seven of 46 suspended Prince George’s police officers return to duty
Andrea Noble ― Gazette

Investigations continue in remaining cases

Seven of the 46 Prince George’s County police officers who had been suspended for alleged wrongdoing in the department returned to duty Thursday after all the officers’ cases were reviewed by the police department’s executive review panel, officials said.
The seven were authorized to return to duty “either because the investigation was complete and the officer was facing discipline that did not include termination or the officers were determined to be witnesses and not actually respondents,” Ellis said.

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Incident and Arrest Reports
Southern Maryland Online

LA PLATA, Md. (December 9, 2010)—The Charles County Sheriff’s Office today released the following incident and arrest reports.

DUI CHECK POINT: The Charles County Sheriff’s Office Traffic Operations Unit and COPS officers will conduct a DUI check point on December 16 at an undisclosed location in Charles County. The operation is part of the Sheriff’s Office on-going commitment to keeping impaired drivers off local roadways.

BRONZE VASES STOLEN FROM CEMETERY/CRIME SOLVERS OFFERS CASH REWARD: The Charles County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the thefts of approximately 30 bronze vases which were stolen from Trinity Memorial Garden Cemetery on Mattawoman Road in Waldorf between early November and December 5.

Sheriff’s officers have increased patrols in the area and have notified local scrap metal dealers to contact the agency should someone try to turn the vases in for scrap money. In addition, detectives are working closely with cemetery officials to complete an inventory. Many vases are individually owned and not the property of the cemetery; therefore anyone who notices their vase is missing should notify investigators.


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La Plata’s It’s Academic Team Wins First Place at Co. Competition
Southern Maryland Online

La Plata High School’s It’s Academic team will participate in the regional televised competition as the first-place winner in the annual Charles County Public Schools competition, held Dec. 8 at the College of Southern Maryland.

The three-member team of Captain Colin Qualters, Melissa Reen and Alex Smith scored 310 points in the championship round against North Point and Thomas Stone high schools to earn the top spot. The school was presented with a $500 scholarship from the Greater Waldorf Jaycees and the team will compete against George Marshall and St. Albans high schools on Feb. 5, which will be aired on WRC TV (NBC 4) March 5.

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D.C. ranks No. 2 in nation in high-tech jobs

D.C. ranks ahead of Silicon Valley and right behind New York City when it comes to high-tech jobs.

The region, from Fredericksburg, Va. to Frederick, Md., employed 293,000 in high-tech fields last year. Computer systems design and related services employed the most people—150,900, according to a new report, “Cybercities 2010: The Definitive Analysis of the High-Tech Industry in the Nation’s Top 60 Cities.”

The Washington region ranks No. 1 in the nation in computer systems design. It’s second in engineering services with 41,800 jobs and third in research and development and testing labs with 34,000 jobs.

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EPA delays stricter smog, mercury limits
MATTHEW DALY ― Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The Environmental Protection Agency is delaying new rules that would impose stricter limits on several harmful air pollutants - smog, mercury and soot - drawing complaints from environmental groups who say the Obama administration appears to be caving in to political pressure from congressional Republicans.

Republicans took control of the House and gained in the Senate in the midterm elections, and many GOP lawmakers have vowed to target the EPA for what they call a series of job-killing regulations.

“We’re not going to let EPA regulate what they’ve been unable to legislate,” said Rep. Fred Upton, R-Mich., the incoming chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Upton promised numerous hearings on the EPA under his watch.

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With Democratic gains in state Senate, Maryland poised to approve same-sex marriage
John Wagner ― Washington Post

A majority of senators on a key committee in Maryland now favor legalizing same-sex marriage, making it increasingly likely that the state will join five others and the District in allowing such unions.

Membership changes on the panel, where same-sex marriage bills have previously died, are among a handful of shifts produced by last month’s elections. Collectively, they appear to have tipped the balance on the most high-profile social issue the General Assembly will consider during its upcoming 90-day session.

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Americans’ wealth grew 2.2 percent last quarter
JEANNINE AVERSA ― Houston Chronicle

After declining in the spring, Americans’ wealth grew 2.2 percent in the July-September quarter as a rebound on Wall Street boosted stock portfolios.

Household net worth rose to nearly $55 trillion, even though the value of real estate holdings sank 3.7 percent, the Federal Reserve said today.

That’s far above the bottom hit during the recession: $49 trillion in the first quarter of 2009. Yet net worth would have to rise an additional 20 percent to regain its pre-recession peak of $66 trillion. That’s a reminder of Americans’ vast loss of wealth over the past three years.

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Pr. George’s officers pulled from training duty sue
Matt Zapotosky ― Washington Post

The former Prince George’s County police training commanders who were transferred after a cheating scandal at the academy are suing to get their old jobs back, claiming that the former chief moved them to meaningless positions because they raised concerns about the cheating.

In a lawsuit filed in Prince George’s County Circuit Court, Maj. David Morris and Capt. Marcos Zarragoitia accuse former police chief Roberto L. Hylton of wanting to “ignore for political reasons” a laundry list of problems with the academy class that graduated in July 2009.

The pair were among the first to raise questions about the class, and they were briefly suspended - then transferred - after Hylton ordered an internal audit.

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House Democrats reject tax plan unless changed
Daily Record

House Democrats voted Thursday to reject President Barack Obama’s tax deal with Republicans in its current form, but it was unclear how significantly the package might need to be changed.

By voice vote in a closed caucus meeting, Democrats passed a resolution saying the tax package should not come to the House floor for consideration as written, even though no formal House bill has been drafted. Rep. Peter DeFazio, D-Ore., introduced the resolution.

Said Rep. Lloyd Doggett, D-Texas: “If it’s take it or leave it, we’ll leave it.”

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The Maryland Sustainable Growth Commission’s…

...2010 annual report

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More states enter debate on sharia law
Donna Leinwand ― USA TODAY

At issue is an amendment to Oklahoma’s constitution passed overwhelmingly on Election Day that bars judges from considering Islamic or international law in Oklahoma state courts. Awad sued, and last week a federal judge temporarily blocked the law from taking effect while she determines whether it violates the U.S. Constitution, which prohibits establishment of a state religion.

Although Oklahoma’s law is the first to come under court scrutiny, legislators in at least seven states, including Arizona, Florida, Louisiana, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee and Utah, have proposed similar laws, the National Conference of State Legislatures says. Tennessee and Louisiana have enacted versions of the law banning use of foreign law under certain circumstances.

Newt Gingrich, former speaker of the U.S. House, is pushing for a federal law that “clearly and unequivocally states that we’re not going to tolerate any imported law.”

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Navy’s Record-Setting Test to Showcase Railgun’s Military Relevance Friday at Dahlgren
Southern Maryland Online

Senior Navy leaders will be on hand Dec. 10 at Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division (NSWCDD), a tenant command to Naval Support Facility (NSF), Dahlgren, Va., for a record-setting test of the Office of Naval Research’s (ONR) experimental Electromagnetic Railgun, the service’s effort to evolve surface ship weapons.

With the latest demonstration, the Navy will fire a 32-megajoule muzzle energy shot, and attempt to set a new world record for the Railgun program. A megajoule is a measurement of energy associated with a mass traveling at a certain velocity. For example, a one-ton vehicle moving at 100 mph equals a megajoule of energy.

The test will also show the tactical relevance of the technology.

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Maryland, DC Tops in Female Business Ownership
Southern Maryland Online


Maryland enjoys the highest percentage of women-owned businesses of any state except the District of Columbia, census statistics released Tuesday show.

“We used to be in the top 10, but we were never No. 2,” said Joanne Saltzberg, CEO of Women Entrepreneurs of Baltimore. “It’s very good news for Maryland.”

The 2007 census figures show that women in Maryland own 33 percent of businesses, up from 31 percent in 2002, the last time the survey was conducted. That rate outstrips the nationwide pace of increasing women’s ownership. Nationally in 2007, 29 percent of businesses were women-owned, up from 28 percent in 2002.

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Celebrate the Holiday Season with the Blue Crabs
The Bay Net

For the first time in history, the Blue Crabs will be hosting a holiday dinner in the upscale Legends Club at Regency Furniture Stadium.  The event is scheduled for Saturday, December 11 from 7:00pm-10:00pm.  The cost is just $25.00 a person and comes with a full dinner buffet and one complimentary alcoholic beverage.  The dinner menu includes Italian Meatballs, Garden Salad, Roast Beef with Gravy, Sautéed Vegetables, Roasted Potatoes, Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Unlimited Soft Drinks.  The event will feature dinner and dancing and an opportunity for all Blue Crabs fans to take time out of their busy holiday season to enjoy 2010 together one last time!

If you want to come, but have little ones at home, you can bring them!  While fans are enjoying themselves in the upscale Legends Club, there will be a movie night pajama party for children down in the clubhouse complete with dinner, Santa Claus, and holiday goodies, all while viewing The Polar Express.  Children are encouraged to wear their pajamas in keeping with the theme of the movie.  Kids will not only be able to enjoy the holiday season with the Blue Crabs, but they will also get a behind the scenes look at the clubhouse, something not to many people are able to see. 

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