Friday, March 11, 2011
State moves away from plan to build youth detention center in Nanjemoy
BETHANY RODGERS ― Maryland Independent

DJS looking for other possible sites in region

State officials Thursday night announced they are backing off a plan to build a juvenile detention center in Nanjemoy.

Several considerations, including limitations in the local water and septic systems, influenced the Maryland Department of Juvenile Services to return to the drawing board and look at choosing a new site, DJS spokesman Jay Cleary said.

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Public Input Sought for Comprehensive Plan Update Process

Citizens Encouraged to Attend Kick-Off Meeting on March 29

Citizens are invited to attend a meeting on Tuesday, March 29, at 7 p.m. in the Commissioner Meeting Room at the County Government Building in La Plata to kick-off the process of updating Charles County’s Comprehensive Plan. Public input is vital to this process and citizens are encouraged to attend this meeting to weigh in on issues of importance to the future of Charles County.


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Rain Events Cause Problems at Mattawoman Water Reclamation Facility

Sunday’s rain event dumped nearly 2 inches of rain in the area, saturating the ground and along with an additional 2.4 inches of rain over the past 48 hours has created problems in local streams and at the County’s largest treatment facility.  The 20 million gallon/day (mgd) facility received 42 mgd during the same period it normally treats 12.5 mgd.  Increasing flows necessitated staff taking the Ultra Violet process used for disinfection out of service to prevent damage that would have taken it out of service for an extended period of time.  A portable pump was set up to convey some of the fully treated, but not disinfected flow into an adjacent stream that flows into Mattawoman Creek; effluent from the plant is normally pumped out into the Potomac River.  This was done to quickly bring the UV process back online and to prevent additional damage to equipment at the facility.  The UV process was out of service between 7:45 and 11:15 p.m., Thursday day (3/10/11); effluent from the facility, though fully treated and diluted with 70% rain water, was not disinfected during this time.  Samples of the stream were taken both up and down stream of discharge for analysis.  A portion of the flows, which are now fully treated are still being diverted to the stream to prevent further equipment failures until the flows are reduced to a safe level.  A recreational fishing area immediately downstream of the facility has been posted advising citizens to avoid contact until stream flows return to normal.


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Rural Sourcing: A Trend to Watch?
Jessica Stillman ― WebWorkerDaily

Managers thinking of establishing virtual teams may have visions of the best and brightest in New York, San Francisco and Shanghai dancing in their heads. The untapped workers of rural places and small cities like Kanab, Utah or Augusta, Ga. probably feature less often. Now the proponents of a still embryonic but expanding trend known as “rural sourcing” are trying to change that.

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The Future of the Strip?
Edward T. McMahon ― Urbanland

For more than 50 years, retailers have favored the commercial strip: a linear pattern of retail businesses strung along major roadways characterized by massive parking lots, big signs, boxlike buildings, and a total dependence on automobiles for access and circulation.

For years, planners have tried to contain and improve the strip. Now they are getting help from consumers and the marketplace. The era of strip development is slowly coming to an end. Evolving consumer behavior, changing demographics, high-priced gasoline, internet shopping, and the urbanization of the suburbs are all pointing to a new paradigm for commercial development.

Commercial strips are not going to disappear overnight, but it is becoming increasingly clear that strip retail is retail for the last century. The future belongs to town centers, main streets, and mixed-use development. Here is why:

We’re overbuilt on the strip

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Firefighters respond to smoke odor in courthouse
Carol Harvat ― Indy

Posted at 10:10 a.m. Friday

Fire trucks were called in to investigate a smoke odor at about 9 a.m. today at the Calvert County Circuit Courthouse in the State’s Attorney’s Office, said Lt. Steve Jones of the Calvert Investigative Team.

A State’s Attorney’s Office spokesperson said, “There was nothing found.”

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Check out…

...National Prayer Garden- Proposed for Welcome…over in the forums.

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Report: Red tape cost Maryland $19.5 billion
Ben Mook ― Daily Record

Red tape and not-in-my-backyard activism were called out Thursday as major impediments to six stalled and troubled energy projects in Maryland that could have had a $19.5 billion economic impact on the state if they had moved forward.

The findings were part of a report released by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce called “Project Denied” that looked at the economic impact of stalled energy projects nationwide.

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Port Tobacco Riverboat Night

Friday, March 18, 2011

7:00 PM- 11:00 PM

Greater Waldorf Jaycees Community Center
3090 Crain Highway - Waldorf, MD 20601


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Maryland job gains proved slim in 2010
Jamie Smith Hopkins ― Baltimore Sun

Maryland employers created far fewer jobs in 2010 than the federal government originally estimated, with businesses reversing course from gains to cuts in the latter part of the year — painting a picture of a recovery that’s tenuous at best.

The newly revised figures from the U.S. Department of Labor, released Thursday, show Maryland with a gain of about 4,500 jobs in December compared with the corresponding month a year earlier. That’s a fraction of the 25,000-job increase the government had earlier estimated, using preliminary data.

Labor Department estimates also show Maryland employers cutting 7,100 positions this January over the previous month — the fifth-largest drop in the nation.

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New Social Security Office to Open in Charlotte Hall April 11
Southern Maryland Online

The Social Security Administration (SSA) announced that a new office will open in Charlotte Hall on April 11. The office will be located at 30071 Business Center Drive. The office hours will be 9am - 4pm Monday through Friday.

Residents living in certain ZIP codes that were previously serviced by the Suitland office will now be serviced by the Charlotte Hall office. The new service area for the Charlotte Hall office by ZIP code is as follows:

20606, 20608, 20609, 20610, 20611, 20612, 20615, 20617, 20618, 20619, 20620, 20621, 20622, 20624, 20625, 20626, 20627, 20628, 20629, 20630, 20632, 20634, 20635, 20636, 20637, 20639, 20640, 20643, 20645, 20646, 20650, 20653, 20656, 20657, 20658, 20659, 20660, 20661, 20662, 20664, 20667, 20670, 20674, 20676, 20677, 20678, 20680, 20682, 20684, 20685, 20686, 20687, 20688, 20690, 20692, and 20693.

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DOD, State Department Presents Budgets to Senate
The Bay Net

“We at DOD view the security assistance activity as a vital instrument that can prevent or attenuate instabilities that otherwise might draw the United States into conflicts,” Lynn said. “If properly applied in a timely manner, security assistance is likely to be more decisive and less costly than direct military intervention after a problem has become a crisis. Our cooperation with the State Department is, therefore, an important component of our national defense.”

Lynn called on the senators to fully fund the State Department’s fiscal 2012 budget request of $59.5 billion. The request includes funding for the U.S. Agency for International Development.

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Land rezoned for St. Charles
PAUL WARNER ― Maryland Independent

The Charles County commissioners voted unanimously Tuesday to rezone the Mitchell and Beall properties to the St. Charles community’s planned unit development zone.
The changes were zoning map amendments, meaning changes will be made to the county’s zoning maps to reflect inclusion of the properties in the PUD zone.

PUD allows for a mix of compatible uses in its zone, including residential, commercial and recreational facilities. St. Charles consists of the only properties zoned PUD in the county.

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House says OK to veterans home donations
JEFF NEWMAN ― Maryland Independent

A bill that will allow direct donations to the Charlotte Hall Veterans Home passed the House of Delegates unanimously Friday after being endorsed by state veterans groups and the Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs.

The bill, sponsored by Del. John F. Wood Jr. (D-St. Mary’s, Charles), passed without debate, though some applause did break out after the 139-0 vote.

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Looming fiscal woes cast pall of doubt on school
GRETCHEN PHILLIPS ― Maryland Independent

To build or not to build? And when? Those are the questions looming over school system and county officials regarding St. Charles High School.
One option Lever presented was to make the high school the top and only priority for this year and the next four years when the school system makes requests to the Board of Public Works for construction funding.
Wineland said if the school system went with this option, local money budgeted for the other projects over the next couple of years still would be in place and staff could shift money from various projects to complete one project as needed.

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