Friday, August 05, 2011
Low-dose CT system installed at local business

Radiology Imaging Associates, (RIA) has installed the first of its kind “low dose” CT scanner. The new Hitachi SCENARIA 64-slice CT system uses the lowest x-ray dose possible.

The technology is meant to provide a safer scan for patients who need this diagnostic imaging procedure. RIA at Patuxent in Prince Frederick is the first outpatient imaging center in the U.S. to acquire and install the new Hitachi SCENARIA CT System.

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“Clean Cars Create Jobs”, Says O’Malley
The Bay Net

Governor O’Malley named representatives of automobile manufacturers and dealers, electrical vehicle (EV) charging manufacturers, utilities, electrical workers, State and local governments, and environmental and energy experts to plan and coordinate the successful integration of electric vehicles into Maryland’s communities and transportation system.  The EV Infrastructure Council was created by legislation introduced by the Governor in the 2011 Session (House Bill 167/Senate Bill 176) as part of a package of bills to promote electric vehicles. 

“Clean cars create jobs,” said Governor O’Malley. “The Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Council includes an extraordinarily talented and experienced group of advocates who will help Maryland take the next steps in supporting the roll-out of electric vehicles and infrastructure. The Council will play an important role in coordinating State and local policies that make electric vehicle ownership convenient and economical, create green jobs, and achieve a cleaner, healthier, and more energy independent Maryland. Creating and saving jobs is every Marylander’s business.”

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‘Classic’ Road Race To Be Held This Month
Marty Madden ― The Bay Net

During the mid-1980s, the historic town of Chaptico was looking for a way to celebrate its 350th anniversary. At the time, the tiny St. Mary’s County village was the location of a group home for troubled youth called the Loretta House. “The director of the group home was a runner and suggested a race,” said Mike Whitson of Mechanicsville, who ran in the race.

Chaptico has since marked 375 years of history, the Loretta House burned down 20 years ago but the race, known as the Chaptico Classic endures to this day.

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Consumer borrowing up in June by most in 4 years
MARTIN CRUTSINGER ― Houston Chronicle

Americans borrowed more money in June than during any other month in nearly four years, relying on credit cards and loans to help get through a difficult economic stretch.

The Federal Reserve said today that consumers increased their borrowing by $15.5 billion in June. That’s the largest one-month gain since August 2007. And it is three times the amount that consumers borrowed in May.

The category that measures credit card use increased by $5.2 billion - the most for a single month since March 2008 and only the third gain since the financial crisis. A category that includes auto loans rose by $10.3 billion, the most since February.

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Maryland to keep AAA bond rating from Moody’s
Daily Record

Maryland will keep its AAA bond rating from the ratings agency Moody’s Investors Service.

The ratings agency confirmed Thursday that Maryland and four other states will keep their AAA ratings. Moody’s had previously put the states on notice for a possible downgrade.

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Maryland slots bring in $15.5M in July
Rachel Bernstein ― Daily Record

Maryland’s two casinos brought in $15.5 million in revenue in July, the Maryland State Lottery Agency announced Friday.

Hollywood Casino Perryville generated more than $10.2 million, or an average of $219.23 for each of the 1,500 machines at the Cecil County facility. That’s more than the $210 per machine the state said it would average before the casinos opened.

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State Police Enforcement Alert for Capital Beltway Tonight
Southern Maryland Online

Maryland State Police in the Washington Metro Troop are warning weekend Capital Beltway drivers ahead of time that almost two dozen additional troopers will be saturating the interstate tonight in a concentrated effort to reduce injuries and fatalities on one of the most heavily traveled sections of highway in the country.

Troopers will again be deploying “Operation Centipede” beginning tonight and extending into the early morning hours of Saturday along the entire length of the Capital Beltway in Prince George’s County. At least 20 additional troopers will be added to the regular patrol force in that area tonight. Troopers in marked and unmarked vehicles will be focused on finding aggressive drivers, drunk drivers, speeding drivers, inattentive drivers, and others operating in a reckless or negligent manner. The State Highway Administration will be using overhead signs to inform drivers they are in a speed enforcement zone and there will be no warnings. Some of the additional troopers will be on overtime funded by state and federal highway safety money.

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Bryans Road density is hot topic at plan update session

Residents oppose options that create growth center

Wednesday’s design charrette was a hot spot for opinions on the county’s future land use, particularly in the Route 210 corridor.

Residents had the opportunity to review and comment on three land use scenarios that the Charles County Comprehensive Plan team has developed.

Several residents expressed concerns about dense development in Bryans Road, particularly calling out the Windsor Manor, Chelsea Manor and Bryans Village subdivisions.

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Commission members say Walmart clashes with plan

Traffic, growth concerns spur officials’ doubts

The La Plata Planning Commission added concerns Tuesday to its zoning recommendation of commercial highway for the proposed Walmart Supercenter annexation that appear not to match up with staff report findings.

Although commission members said that the primary purpose of the recommendation was to consider the possible zoning for the annexation, two members expressed concerns about the annexation itself.

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Making Charles County…

a Great Place to Live - Envisioning_a_Healthy_Charles_County_formal_v3.pdf

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From Facebook: Charles County Sheriff’s Office

This Guy Broke into a Local Store. Let’s Take This Guy Off Our Streets

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Mo. teachers protest social media crackdown
ALAN SCHER ZAGIER ― Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

As they prepare lesson plans for fall, teachers across Missouri have an extra chore before the new school year begins: purging their Facebook friend lists to comply with a new state law that limits their contact with students on social networks.

The law was proposed after an Associated Press investigation found 87 Missouri teachers had lost their licenses between 2001 and 2005 because of sexual misconduct, some of which involved exchanging explicit online messages with students.

But many teachers are protesting the new restrictions, complaining the law will hurt their ability to keep in touch with students, whether for classroom purposes, personal problems or even emergencies.

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Office equipment open to hacker attacks
Byron Acohido ― USA TODAY

Millions of copiers and printers in thousands of companies worldwide are ripe targets for cyberthieves in the hunt for sensitive business documents.

Researchers from Web security firm Zscaler ran a simple search and easily located 118,194 Hewlett-Packard printer-scanners, 9,431 Cannon photocopiers and 3,554 D-Link webcams equipped as Internet-connected Web servers.

Any intruder could do the same thing, then take over control of devices protected by weak passwords, says Michael Sutton, Zscaler’s vice president of research. The intruder could then steal images of documents stored in a copier’s memory or take control of webcams placed inside a work area.

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Meeting of August 8, 2011

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New SBA program designed to boost federal contracts…
Lindsey Robbins ― Gazette

...for woman-owned businesses

The Women-Owned Small Business Federal Contract Program kicked off in February, with the goal of ensuring that federal agencies issue 5 percent of their prime contracts to businesses such as Bialek Environments that are owned by women. More than a decade in the making, the program includes set-asides in more than 300 underrepresented industries, which are identified by their North American Industry Classification System code. The first contracts in the program are expected to be let in November.

For a state such as Maryland, whose economy is so closely tied to the federal government, the program can be particularly valuable, executives say. Federal contracting hit $26 billion in Maryland in fiscal 2010, with such deals totaling $13.8 billion so far in fiscal 2011, according to the state Department of Business and Economic Development.

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