Thursday, August 11, 2011
Andy Marquis ― The Baynet

Hundreds of people attended a public meeting regarding recent traffic problems on the Gov. Harry W. Nice Memorial Bridge that connects Maryland and Virginia. Alternate plans were announced for future bridge closings to help residents who live in lower Charles County who do not cross the bridge. But officials reminded those in attendance that there is no way to get people across the river if the bridge is closed.

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Calvert Winery Awarded Gold Medal at International Wine Competition
Southern Maryland Online

PRINCE FREDERICK, Md. (August 10, 2011)—A Calvert County-based winery, Running Hare Vineyard, received prestigious recognition at the Riverside International Wine Competition in May by taking home a gold medal for a Malbec variety and bronze medals for the Shiraz and Sangiovese. The competition has been held in California for 30 years using blind tasting selection by professional wine evaluators. The event recognizes a wide variety of wine styles – including those from regions that don’t often receive recognition. A total of 48 judges evaluated more than 1,930 wines at the South Coast Resort in Temecula, California during the event.

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3 more buttocks slashings in Fairfax stores reported
Victor Zapana ― The Washington Post

Three more women have told police that they may be victims of a man who has attacked young women and teenage girls at Fairfax County shopping malls.

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Nervous Democrats say President Obama must be bolder on economy
Karen Tumulty and Peter Wallsten ― The Washington Post

With President Obama’s reelection on the line, Democrats are increasingly anxious about what they see as his failure to advance a coherent and muscular strategy for addressing the nation’s economic ills.

Growing numbers of Obama’s allies, beyond the liberal activists who have expressed disappointment in the past, contend that he has trimmed his sails too much since the party’s electoral defeats last fall. This sentiment has sharpened in the wake of the negotiations over the debt ceiling, when the president accepted Republican demands for spending cuts without obtaining guarantees of tax revenue increases, which he said were necessary for a “balanced approach.”

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Pages Ripped From House After Nearly 200 Years
NBC Washington

It’s been a tradition in Washington for nearly 200 years. And now, it’s over.

The House is ending its page program, which allowed high school students to serve as messengers for lawmakers while getting a front-row seat to learn about Congress.

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Taxes Possible in Md. Special Session: O’Malley
BRIAN WITTE ― NBC Washington

Gov. Martin O’Malley isn’t ruling out tax proposals during October’s special session on legislative redistricting.

O’Malley said Wednesday his administration has had several meetings on how the state will address a projected budget deficit of about $1 billion in the next fiscal year.

O’Malley, a Democrat, says he will have more to say about the state’s budget challenges during the Maryland Association of Counties meeting in Ocean City on Aug. 20.

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Foreclosed Cemetery Ruling Gives Relief to Some Maryland Families
NBC Washington

Burials approved for those who had pre-paid for services

Some families waiting to put loved ones to rest at a Calvert County, Md., cemetery facing foreclosure can finally move forward.

Southern Memorial Gardens in Dunkirk had its license revoked by the state after legal problems with the cemetery’s former owner.

A Calvert County judge ruled on Wednesday that those who pre-paid for a plot can proceed with burial plans, News4’s Melissa Mollet reported.

However, the complication for families is far from over.  The cemetery is not allowed to help with the burial process in any way, and those who were not able to pre-pay for arrangements are left trying to figure out how to proceed with their loved ones’ remains.

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Open Thread - August 11, 2011

Life Quotes

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