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Gray Aide: Former Drug Kingpin “Not Connected” To Campaign
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Hurricane blows siding off plant

Unusual Event declared at Calvert Cliffs, unit 1 remains in shutdown

An Unusual Event was declared at the Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant at about 11 p.m. on Saturday after a large piece of siding on unit 1’s turbine building was blown loose by hurricane winds and caused a short explosion involving a transformer.

An Unusual Event is the lowest of the four emergency classifications used by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Two inspectors on-site at the time observed the explosion and reported it to plant operators, according to NRC spokesman Neil Sheehan. The conditions led to an automatic shutdown of the reactor, which was safely carried out. An event notification issued earlier this week notes that one of the plant’s emergency diesel generators had to be declared inoperable due to storm-related water intrusion into exhaust piping.

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Five trees fall, hit three structures in Budds Creek

Aline Collins, 79, of Budds Creek had five trees fall on three different structures on her property after Hurricane Irene swelled to full force at around 11 p.m. Saturday.

“Nobody can believe it,” Collins said Monday. “I put in a claim, and I’m waiting for State Farm to come take a look at it.”

One tree hit her shed, two others hit her carport and another two hit her house.

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What you should know before filing an insurance claim from Hurricane Irene
Eileen Ambrose ― Baltimore Sun


Homeowners are still evaluating damage from Hurricane Irene. Before making a claim, here are some things you should be aware of, according to the Consumer Federation of America:

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Two Montgomery County Residents Recovering From Snake Bites

Two Montgomery County residents are recovering from snake bites at Shady Grove Adventist Hospital.

Officials say recent storms lured the snakes from wooded habitats. Residents are warned to be on the look-out for more possible snake attacks.

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O’Malley not satisfied with power restoration in Maryland
Nicholas Sohr ― Daily Record

Four days after Hurricane Irene blew through Maryland, Gov. Martin O’Malley said there remains much work to be done to clean up in the aftermath of the storm.

“Some of those streets looked like the Jolly Green Giant came by and pushed over oak trees and hickory trees on to houses,” the governor said Wednesday during a quick briefing with reporters in Baltimore.

Some 140,000 households remained without power at about noon Wednesday.

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D.C. tops Farmers’ Almanac list of ‘weather wimps’
Kristi King ― WTOP

The 2012 Farmers’ Almanac puts the D.C. area ahead of cities such as L.A., New York, Atlanta and Chicago for places where weather can shut down everyday life.

Farmers’ Almanac managing editor Sandi Duncan says the recent earthquake and hurricane are good examples, but the “snowmageddon” winter of 2010 and 2011 helped D.C. earn its title.

The Mid-Atlantic weather outlook for January through March 2012 is stormy and wet conditions with above normal temperatures, according to the almanac’s weather prognosticator. Duncan says the prognosticator is about 75 to 80 percent accurate.

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Let voters decide on Heritage Green amenities - LTE

Having just read the article, “Developer presents amenities plan” [Maryland Independent, Aug. 19], involving the Heritage Green development, some comments are in order.

This controversial annexation was accepted by the town of La Plata in March 1990 after two significant amenities were added.

First, the developer promised to build a road through the property at its own expense. The town argued that it would alleviate congestion on Charles Street and serve as a bypass around the business district even though one already existed (Route 488, Radio Station Road, Rosewick Road).

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‘Procedural issues’ are all smoke by the Walmart developer - LTE

After reading the latest update regarding the proposed annexation for the monstrosity known as the Walmart Supercenter in the Aug. 19 Maryland Independent [“Meeting advertisement issue pushes back Walmart vote”] specifically about the “town error” that the Faison group lawyers identified regarding the improperly advertised public hearings it became clear to me that the Faison group does not think it has the votes to win the annexation.

At the last town meeting, the number of folks that spoke out in favor of the annexation outnumbered those of us against. Despite that (unscientific) statistic, both sides basically said the same thing; a super Walmart will allow people to do all of their shopping in one place.

Of course, those of us opposed to the annexation cited that as the primary concern, because once that is allowed to happen we will see this town of ours hemorrhage small businesses; grocery stores will close, jobs will be lost and the number of commercial vacancies in La Plata will increase.

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Red Cross needs blood, platelet donations

Along with displacing some people, this weekend’s Hurricane Irene prevented other people from saving lives.

The American Red Cross already has had to cancel more than 60 blood drives along the East Coast due to Hurricane Irene, resulting in the shortfall of nearly 1,500 units of blood, according to a news release from the nonprofit.

Mike Baisey, the Red Cross’ communications manager, said three weekend blood drives in Maryland were canceled, resulting in more than 100 donations that will not be made.

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County hoping federal aid will fund storm effort

Federal Emergency Management Agency money is on the way to reimburse some of the county’s expenses in preparing for Hurricane Irene. County government hopes for federal funding for recovery as well, county spokeswoman Crystal Hunt said Tuesday.

Four minor injuries were reported among residents who called 911; other possible injuries were not included in a preliminary survey done by the Charles County Department of Emergency Services, Hunt said. No one reported serious injuries or deaths.

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Collins objects to slogan change

Commissioner complains he wasn’t informed

Charles County has officially unveiled a new slogan, but Commissioner Reuben B. Collins II (D) said last week that he had not approved it or even known about it.

He said Wednesday that he does not object to the new slogan “Maryland’s Southern Shore,” in itself, but is concerned about what he said was a lack of communication and with the cost of replacing signs and letterhead.

For his part, Commissioner Ken Robinson (D), whom a county news release credited with coining the new slogan, said it was in fact approved “by consensus” by the commissioners “months ago” as they compiled materials to be presented at the conference of the Maryland Association of Counties earlier this month.

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Charles County Sheriff’s Reports
Southern Maryland Online

The Charles County Sheriff’s Office today released the following incident and arrest reports.

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Calvert County to Open Disaster Recovery Center
Southern Maryland Online

Local and State Agency Representatives to be Available for Residents Needing Assistance in Storm’s Wake

The Calvert County Department of Public Safety is opening a Disaster Recovery Center in Prince Frederick to help county residents who need assistance in the wake of Hurricane Irene. The center will be open beginning Thursday, Sept. 1, through Saturday, Sept. 3, at Courthouse Square, 205 Main Street in Prince Frederick.

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Storm Slams Sotterley
The Bay Net

Sotterley Plantation, a National Historic Landmark, is closed to the public until further notice due to extensive damage caused by Hurricane Irene. Much devastation was caused at this over 300 year old site, due to heavy downpours a few day prior to, and torrential rains and high winds during the storm.

To varying degrees, several historic and non-historic structures were affected, including the 19th century Smoke House, the Plantation House kitchen porch, the original 1830’s Slave Cabin, the Spinning Cottage, the Historic Barn, the Gardener’s Cottage, the Grape Arbor, and white picket fences. Rolling Road is impassable. As the site is at present, it is unsafe for visitors.

“Although this is devastating, we were so incredibly fortunate,” stated Nancy Easterling, Executive Director. “The 1703 Plantation House is in good shape, despite near misses by several enormous trees. Our newly restored Slave Cabin, while affected, is still intact. Our magnificent gardens are still glorious.”

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