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What is a WIP? Why does it matter?

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Water war reignites as L.A. resists fixing some Owens Lake dust
Louis Sahagun ― Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles and the Owens Valley are at war over water again, with the city trying to rework a historic agreement aimed at stopping massive dust storms that have besieged the eastern Sierra Nevada since L.A. opened an aqueduct 99 years ago that drained Owens Lake.

The L.A. Department of Water and Power has spent $1.2 billion in accordance with a 1997 agreement to combat the powder-fine dust from a 40-square-mile area of the dry Owens Lake bed. By introducing vegetation, gravel and flooding, the DWP has reduced particle air pollution by 90%.

The efforts have brought a measure of peace in the rural valley where people have long had bitter feelings toward Los Angeles, although a noxious reminder of how much work remains to be done rolled over this tourist town on the afternoon of May 25. Fearsome gusts of desert wind kicked up swirling clouds thousands of feet high and so thick that drivers switched on their headlights and pedestrians scurried about with squinting eyes.

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Budget Work Session

Board Docs - Jun 12, 2012 - Charles County Commissioners’ Meeting

5.02 [1:30 p.m.] Budget Work Session (Ms. Deborah Hudson, Director/Mr. David Eicholtz, Chief of Budget, Department of Fiscal & Administrative Services)

0_FY13-FY17 GG CIP RECAP.pdf (30 KB)

1_Budget Overview.pdf (525 KB)


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College of Southern Maryland Fiscal Year 2013 Budget

Board Docs - Jun 12, 2012 - Charles County Commissioners’ Meeting

5.01 [1:00 p.m.] Work Session: College of Southern Maryland Fiscal Year 2013 Budget (Dr. Brad Gottfried, President/Mr. Tony Jernigan, Vice President for Financial & Administrative Services, CSM)

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Undoing health law could have messy ripple effects
RICARDO ALONSO-ZALDIVAR ― Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

It sounds like a silver lining. Even if the Supreme Court overturns President Barack Obama’s health care law, employers can keep offering popular coverage for the young adult children of their workers.

But here’s the catch: The parents’ taxes would go up.

That’s only one of the messy potential ripple effects when the Supreme Court delivers its verdict on the Affordable Care Act this month. The law affects most major components of the U.S. health care system in its effort to extend coverage to millions of uninsured people.

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Let’s Be Shore - Waterfront Homeowner

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Raging fires burn thousands of acres in Colorado, New Mexico

Firefighters in Colorado and New Mexico are battling wind-fueled wildfires that are moving fast through parched forests, forcing scores of evacuations and destroying or damaging numerous structures.

A blaze in northern Colorado was first reported Saturday morning and had grown to about 8,000 acres by mid-evening, while a fire in southern New Mexico was small for a few days until it began growing Friday, reaching about 10,000 acres.

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Record rainfall inundates central Gulf coast

Record amounts of rain dropped on the central Gulf coast Saturday, causing what could be millions of dollars in flood damage in the Pensacola area alone with more rain on the way.

The National Weather Service said 13.11 inches fell on Pensacola over 24 hours by Saturday, coming close to the city’s all-time record of 15.29 inches set in 1934.

The rain hit a lull by Saturday night, but NWS meteorologist Jason Beaman said they expected more showers and thunderstorms overnight and more intense rain again on Sunday and into Monday.

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Now Available: 2012 Maryland Farmers’ Market Directory
The Bay Net

The 2012 Maryland Farmers’ Market Directory listing locations and hours of each of the state’s markets is now available through the Maryland Department of Agriculture (MDA) website.  This year, some 138 markets will be open with at least one in every county and Baltimore City. Many of the farmers’ markets in the state are already open and offering produce and plants such as salad greens, spinach, asparagus, strawberries, blueberries, and bedding plants.  Farmers’ market locations, hours, and producer/vendor and product listings are also available on the Maryland’s Best website at

“At farmers’ markets across the state, customers can purchase a wide variety of locally-grown and -produced products including fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers, plants, eggs, meats, baked goods and cheeses,” said Agriculture Secretary Buddy Hance.  “Customers can enjoy some of the freshest and best tasting local products, and in turn will directly support our family farmers, our environment, economy, and the health of our families.  Every dollar spent on local agricultural products contributes to the economic health of the community, keeps our land in farming, and helps to support a smart, green and growing future for Maryland agriculture.” 

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Nature for rent
Pete McCarthy ― Frederick News-Post

Residents encouraged to create wildlife habitats

Maryland natural resources officials and the National Wildlife Federation are pushing for more residents to slow the loss of wildlife habitats.

Following just four simple guidelines is enough to qualify. Residents must look to provide food, water, cover and a place for wildlife to raise their young, David Mizejewski, a naturalist with the National Wildlife Federation, said.

The backyard program has been in existence nearly 40 years, with more than 150,000 certified around the country.

The latest tally from the wildlife federation shows there are 4,111 such backyard sanctuaries certified in the state, with 190 of them in Frederick County.

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Bay swim begins at 11 a.m.

Swimmers from across the country will converge on the bay today for the Chesapeake Bay Swim.

Six hundred and fifty participants from 32 states, including an 81-year-old man, are expected for the 21st annual event. The 4.4-mile swim attracts both world-class swimmers and endurance athletes. The record is just over 1 hour and 26 minutes.
The swim is a fundraiser for the Maryland chapter of the March of Dimes, the Chesapeake Bay Trust and other organizations.

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While deaths decline, teen drivers still take big risks

Last Friday, Joe Campbell posed the question he always asks of his teen drivers-in-training.

“How many of you have been in a car traveling greater than 90 miles an hour?” After two decades teaching new drivers, he knows the answer to expect, yet is stunned by it.

“You’d be amazed at the number of kids that raised their hands,” Campbell said. “You ask them why. And they say it was fun. And they’re in a car with kids the same age. And they’re not always on the highways. They’re on public streets.”
A new report by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found Maryland’s fatal teen crash rate could be reduced by 20 percent by raising the permit age to 16, requiring another five hours of practice, increasing the license age to 17 and rolling back the driving curfew from midnight to 8 p.m.

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O.C. police urge caution after 2 pedestrian deaths
Michelle Basch ― WTOP

Beach season has barely begun, and there have already been two pedestrian deaths in Ocean City, Md. Police are urging visitors to be safe.

Ocean City Police Officer Mike Levy says visitors are often excited and in a hurry to get across Coastal Highway and dig their feet in the sand.

“There’s nothing so urgent that you need to risk your life or your safety to get across our highways. Everything will be there when you get to the other side. We promise,” Levy says.

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Wasps unleashed in Maryland to fight invasive pest

There are pests coming after some area trees and a local agriculture department is bringing in wasps to fight them.

Dick Bean with the Maryland Department of Agriculture says the stingless wasps attack the eggs of the Emerald Ash Borer, an invasive species that threatens ash trees anywhere it goes.

“If left unchecked, it has the potential to completely wipe out all of the ash trees in the United States,” Bean says. “So far, we’ve made releases in Prince George’s County, Charles County, Howard County, Washington County and Allegheny.”

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Open Thread - June 10, 2012

Some people don’t like telling the truth….others don’t like hearing it. Linda Poindexter

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