Wednesday, April 01, 2015
Troopers to increase enforcement during distracted driving month
Maryland State Police ―

Read a good book, newspaper article, or sent a funny text lately? Great, but just be sure not to do that while driving. Joining police departments across the country, Maryland state troopers are increasing enforcement initiatives focused on distracted driving this month in an effort to remind drivers to focus on driving and traffic safety whenever they are behind the wheel.

Beginning today, troopers will conduct additional patrols with the goal of identifying drivers who are involved in activities that are prohibited by law, or significantly divert their attention from safe driving. These include, but are not limited to, texting, handheld cell phone use, grooming, reading, watching a video, using a navigation system, or even adjusting a radio or other entertainment device. Commanders at each of the 22 barracks of the Maryland State Police have been directed to conduct special distracted driving enforcement operations during April.

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Pax River advocates cheer suspension of wind turbine plans
Jason Babcock ― The Enterprise

St. Mary’s County officials applauded this week the “indefinite suspension” of a wind turbine project planned across the Chesapeake Bay from Patuxent River Naval Air Station.

The Great Bay wind energy project with wind turbines nearing 600 feet tall was deemed a threat to national security last fall by the Department of Defense because of possible interference to a specialized radar system at Pax River.

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MEMA grant will elevate county homes in flood-prone areas
Sarah Fleischman ― The Recorder

Calvert County is the largest recipient of funds from the Maryland Emergency Management Agency. The grant of more than $930,000 will be used to elevate homes in flood-prone areas of Lusby, Broomes Island and North Beach.

MEMA worked with local officials to prepare grant applications to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which approved the projects in February, according to a MEMA press release.
Calvert is in the process of creating a flood plan for the Cove Point community in Lusby, and recently completed a plan for Broomes Island. These communities are the most flood-prone in the county, according to previous reports. With the MEMA funding, three homes in the Cove Point community, three in Broomes Island and one in North Beach will be elevated.

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Strong communities are built by the people who live in them
Maryland Independent - LTE

In 2013, the Diversity Institute at the College of Southern Maryland became the lead sponsor of the annual Unity in Our Community forum that was launched in 2006 by the Charles County commissioners to promote proactive conversation about the future of Charles County.

As the county has continued to experience significant growth, we, along with county officials, recognize that the inevitable challenges that come with change also represent profound opportunities waiting to be discovered.

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FootGolf introduced in Charles County
Ted Pugh ― Maryland Independent

Whether your swing is lacking or your putting could use work, you can now rest easy knowing you are still welcome on the fairway. Charles County is now home to FootGolf, the latest craze in sports that blends the discipline of golf with the agility of soccer, bringing players of all ages together on the green.

Charles County Parks held a free preopening preview of its new FootGolf program at White Plains Golf Course on Sunday. The inaugural event invited local soccer VIPs and their friends and families to try out a growing international sport that is sweeping the country and reenergizing the golf world.

FootGolf is played with a regulation size 5 soccer ball that is kicked into a hole 21 inches in diameter. Each player tries to get the ball in the hole in the least number of kicks, and one round of FootGolf takes only two hours to play.

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Charles County Commissioners’ Meeting

Date:  03/04/2015



Board Docs - Mar 04, 2015 - Charles County Commissioners’ Meeting

1.02 [2:00 p.m.] FY16 Goals and Objectives Work Session (Ms. Deborah Hall, Acting County Administrator)

Goals & Objectives 2016.pdf (384 KB)

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On the agenda
Maryland Independent

(scroll down)

Thursday, April 16

Charles County government will sponsor forums to get input on the Waldorf Urban Redevelopment Corridor project. The forums will be 10 a.m.-1 a.m. The April 16 forum will be a developers workshop led by Landis D. Faulcon, WURC manager, and Debra L. Jones, county business development manager for attraction and recruitment, at the Old Waldorf School, 3074 Crain Highway. The May 21 forum will be on Building Strategic Alliances for Business and Community Development led by Faulcon and Ellen Flowers-Fields, southern region director for the Small Business Development Council at the College of Southern Maryland, at the county government building, 200 Baltimore St., La Plata. The June 25 forum will be on Negotiating Deals and Maximizing Community Benefits with a panel of Tom Dawes, business development director of the Development Corporation of Columbia Heights; Robert K. Jenkins, senior managing director of Renaissance Equity Partners; and Maureen J. Woodruff, senior commercial sales associate with Baldus Real Estate; at the government building. To register, contact Victoria S. Jessie at 301-885-2754 or

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Charles County, MD Launches New Economic Development Website
Charles County Government

Charles County, a dynamic region in the Washington DC metro area and a growing business hub in Maryland, announced today the launch of a redesigned economic development website, Designed for corporate executives, site selection consultants, and local businesses, the new website will provide decision makers with Information about the county’s economic climate, incentives, and resources for doing business in the county.

“Charles County is committed to growing our economy through business attraction and retention, and we developed the new website to be a key resource for companies to learn more about the advantages of doing business in the County,” said Commissioner President Peter Murphy. “Charles County is well-positioned for investment and growth, with our strategic location in the region, strong pool of talent, affordable real estate options, and great quality of life.”

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Charles County Economic Development

Economic Development Newsletter for April 2015

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Seminar on Doing Business with Charles County Government Scheduled for April 23
Charles County Government

The Department of Fiscal and Administrative Services Purchasing Office will host a free seminar on how to do business with Charles County Government on Thursday, April 23 from 9:30 a.m. to noon at the Charles County Government Building (200 Baltimore Street, La Plata).

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Maryland Department of the Environment to Measure Vehicle Emissions
Southern Maryland News Net

The Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) will conduct its biennial remote sensing study of motor vehicle emissions across the State of Maryland beginning this spring.

The study will be conducted as part of Maryland’s Vehicle Emissions Inspection Program (VEIP) to collect on-road emissions data for vehicles operating in the State.

Envirotest Systems Corporation will use vans with portable emissions measurement equipment which will be set up along the shoulder of highways to measure exhaust emissions of passing vehicles. The emissions sensors are specially designed analyzers that measure the exhaust emissions of vehicles in a fraction of a second as they pass the sensors.

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Divorce Law in Md. May Be Broadened
Deidre McPhillips ― Southern Maryland Online

A handful of bills regarding divorce law—sponsored by legislators who have experience in family law—have been moving through Maryland’s state legislature. Proponents say the adjustments—which broaden the scope of eligible divorce cases—could help protect children and victims of domestic abuse.

Under current state law, which is largely believed to be one of the most restrictive in the country, a married couple must be living separately for a year before divorce proceedings may begin, a waiting period that may only be bypassed with proof of adultery or excessively vicious conduct.

But a bill by state Senator Bobby Zirkin, D-Baltimore County, would create an avenue to speed up the process, allowing couples to file for divorce as soon as they have come to a mutual agreement with regard to alimony, distribution of property and care of children.

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Crabcake fraud: New report finds 38 percent are mislabeled in Chesapeake Bay restaurants
Whitney Pipkin ― Bay Journal

Fraud rate higher in Annapolis, Baltimore; lowest on Eastern Shore

Blue crab, the Chesapeake Bay’s most iconic edible species, also appears to be its most impersonated on menus in the region that say they’re selling local seafood.

A report released today by the conservation nonprofit Oceana found that 38 percent of crab cakes labeled as local were comprised of an entirely different species of crab, predominantly imported from the Indo-Pacific region. In Annapolis and Baltimore, nearly 50 percent of “Maryland” or “Chesapeake Bay” crab cakes were mislabeled.

After releasing seafood fraud reports that found similar levels of mislabeling among certain fish and shrimp, DC-based Oceana decided to tackle a beloved species that’s close to home.

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Farmers reduce pollution after ditching old way of handling runoff
Rona Kobell ― Bay Journal

But perhaps the biggest change is to the Shatto itself, which went from a conventional agricultural drainage ditch to something called a two-stage ditch.

A regular ditch is trapezoidal in cross section. Water comes over the side and falls to the bottom, where it flows along to the stream. A two-stage ditch is more like a split-level staircase in cross section. The water flows down the sides gradually and collects in a bench on each side of the deeper trench. The bench is filled with vegetation that slows the flow of water and allows nutrients in the runoff to enrich plant life instead of polluting rivers.

The two-stage ditch creates a natural floodplain and returns channelized streams to their historic contours. In the process, the ditch’s benches trap sediment, blunt storm surges and collect much of the nitrate, suspended solids and phosphorus before they get into waterways.

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Payments for big state land holdings in western Md. stir argument over budget priorities
Rebecca Lessner ―

The Maryland Senate is debating budget priorities as it considers a program to help Maryland’s rural counties with an Open Space Incentive Program that could cost between $3.5 million and $15 million.

The debate over Program Open Space on the Senate floor Tuesday morning most likely stemmed from its potential high cost, which was dramatically reduced with the addition of four new amendments that morning. The program is intended to compensate counties for lost tax revenue when the state owns land, thereby taking it off the tax rolls.
Currently, if the state government owns 10% of forest land in a county, the county receives 25% of the revenues generated on that land, including tourism, concession stands, campsites and even timber harvesting.

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