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Thursday, August 28, 2014
Two power stations to delay by one year pulling plug on coal plants
Kate S. Alexander ― Gazette

The owner of two coal-fired power plants in Maryland will not stop using coal at its Montgomery and Prince George’s County plants as soon as originally planned.

NRG Energy, owner of the Dickerson Generating Station in Montgomery County and the Chalk Point Generating Station in Prince George’s County, just over the line from Benedict, said ongoing discussions with the state about new regulations for air quality have led it to delay “deactivating” its coal-fired units at the plants by one year, to May 2018, NRG East Region spokesman David Gaier said.
Maryland’s Department of the Environment still is in the process of drafting new regulations aimed at improving air quality.

The department is scheduled to release a draft of regulations Sept. 8 to a review board known as the Air Quality Control Advisory Council. The 15-member council includes members from industry, labor, professional associations, local and regional governments, academia, farming, the medical community and the general public.

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Charles County Parks and Recreation Fall GUIDE Available September 3

The Charles County Department of Community Services Fall edition of The Guide will be available Wednesday, Sept. 3 online at  The GUIDE is a convenient resource listing current activities offered by the Department of Community Services.  The GUIDE features classes, trips, and activities for everyone from toddlers to seniors, including leisure classes, swim lessons, sports programs, school-based recreation center programs and registration details.

Printed copies of the GUIDE are available at local community centers, indoor pools, Elite Gymnastics and Recreation Center, and the Department of Community Services office in Port Tobacco. Online registration is available for most programs at

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School system plans annual College Fair

Charles County Public Schools will host more than 150 colleges at its annual Charles County College Fair on Wednesday, Sept. 17, at North Point High School. The fair is open to the public from 6 to 8 p.m. High school juniors and seniors attend the event during the school day as part of the system’s career readiness goal in the five-year plan.

Students are transported from school by bus and are able to speak with representatives and gather information from participating colleges. Students wishing to attend the fair during the school day must submit a signed permission slip to their school’s college and career advisor.

Community members are encouraged to bring their children to the public session. Two financial aid workshops will be held, one at 6:15 p.m. and one at 7:15 p.m., for parents and students to learn about the financial aid application process. There is no cost to attend the event. For more information, call your child’s school or 301-934-7334.

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Rocket Launch From Wallops Island Tests New Tech
ABC News

NASA is reviewing data from a rocket launch that tested a new sub-payload deployment method for suborbital rockets.

NASA says a Black Brant IX suborbital rocket was launched at 5 a.m. Thursday from the agency’s Wallops Island Flight Facility on Virginia’s Eastern Shore.

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US to Begin Safety Testing Ebola Vaccine Next Week

Federal researchers next week will start testing humans with an experimental vaccine to prevent the deadly Ebola virus.

The National Institutes of Health announced Thursday that it is launching the safety trial on a vaccine developed by the agency’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and GlaxoSmithKline. It will test 20 healthy adult volunteers to see if the virus is safe and triggers an adequate response in their immune systems.

Even though NIH has been testing other Ebola vaccines in people since 2003, this is a first for this vaccine and its trial has been speeded up because the outbreak in West Africa “is a public health emergency that demands an all-hands-on-deck response,” said Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the NIAID.

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If You Think the Water Crisis Can’t Get Worse, Wait Until the Aquifers…
Dennis Dimick ― National Geographic

... Are Drained

We’re pumping irreplaceable groundwater to counter the drought. When it’s gone, the real crisis begins.

Aquifers provide us freshwater that makes up for surface water lost from drought-depleted lakes, rivers, and reservoirs. We are drawing down these hidden, mostly nonrenewable groundwater supplies at unsustainable rates in the western United States and in several dry regions globally, threatening our future.
Relying on groundwater to make up for shrinking surface water supplies comes at a rising price, and this hidden water found in California’s Central Valley aquifers is the focus of what amounts to a new gold rush. Well-drillers are working overtime, and as Brian Clark Howard reported here last week, farmers and homeowners short of water now must wait in line more than a year for their new wells.

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Nanjemoy Heritage Day 2014

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FY2014/2015 Capital Improvement Program Quarterly Monitoring Report

For the Period Ending 07/01/2014

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Hoyer upbeat in talk to Indian Head group
Joseph Norris ― THEBAYNET.COM

Maryland Congressman Steny H. Hoyer told members of the South Potomac Civilian-Military Community Relations (COMREL) Council on Tuesday that he is excited about what is happening in Indian Head and Dahlgren, VA, despite the uncertainty within the federal government.

“We can invest in buildings and infrastructure, but if we don’t have the people, the investment in infrastructure will not be worthwhile,” Hoyer stated at the meeting of military and community memebrs at the town green pavillion. “Our people enhance our national defense in cutting edge technologies that have both military and civilian applications.”

He said that those in Washington have their work cut out for them and expressed frustration over the reluctance of politicians to find common ground and work out the nation’s fiscal crisis.

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NRP Urges Everyone to Put Safety First this Holiday Weekend
Southern Maryland News Net

The Maryland Natural Resources Police urge everyone this Labor Day holiday to put safety first.

“Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer as tens of thousands of residents and visitors head out on the water, relax in our State’s parks and campgrounds, and begin early hunting seasons,” said Colonel George F. Johnson IV, NRP superintendent. “Plan ahead and be vigilant. We need everyone to do their part.”
Last Labor Day weekend, NRP officers handled 10 boating accidents that resulted in injury. They arrested seven people for operating a boat while impaired by alcohol or drugs and 11 people for other criminal acts. They also wrote 365 tickets, issued 995 warnings and inspected 1,300 vessels.

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Only lowest-paid are seeing real wage growth
Paul Davidson ― USA TODAY

Inflation-adjusted wages have fallen for every income group in the past year except very low-paid workers, says an Economic Policy Institute study out Wednesday.

The report casts doubt on the perception that more educated, highly skilled employees are experiencing sharper-than-average pay increases and that low-paid workers are stuck in the deepest earnings rut.

Median U.S. hourly wages in the first half of 2014 were $16.59, down 0.9% the past year after figuring inflation, the study says.

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10 things to know about corporate inversions
Daily Record

Burger King is drawing a lot of flak over plans to shift its legal address to a foreign country by merging with Tim Hortons, the Canadian coffee-and-doughnut chain.

The transaction is called a corporate inversion, a maneuver that is becoming popular among companies looking to lower their tax bills.

Burger King executives insist they are not trying to escape U.S. taxes. But some members Congress aren’t buying it, mainly because the corporate headquarters of the new parent company will be in Canada.

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Sweeping lawsuit targets soccer concussions

Soccer joined the growing legal debate over head injuries Wednesday after FIFA and some of the sport’s governing bodies in the United States were made the target of a lawsuit seeking new safety rules.

A group of soccer parents and players filed the lawsuit in federal court in San Francisco. Lawyers representing the parents and players are asking a judge to grant the lawsuit class-action status on behalf of thousands of current and former soccer players who competed for teams governed by FIFA and several U.S.-based soccer organizations.

The NFL, NHL and NCAA have all faced similar lawsuits.

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The National Zoo welcomes a pair of bison
Dick Uliano ― WTOP

Marking its 125th anniversary, the National Zoo is getting back to its roots. It’s putting on exhibit, for the first time in a decade, a pair of animals responsible for the zoo’s founding—bison.

“This is really the first species at the National Zoo. It was a request to create the zoo to save bison and other species that Congress created our zoo,” says Brandi Smith, senior curator of mammals at the zoo.

On Wednesday morning, the gate from the bison barn was thrown open and two young females galloped into their yard for their first public photo opportunity. With a warm sun beating down, the young pair trotted, sniffed, then munched on grass before reclining in the shade.

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