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Open Thread - October 31, 2014


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Thursday, October 30, 2014
New and upgraded recreation projects set for Charles County

Carroll, Charles and Harford counties will soon receive funding for recreational enhancements through Program Open Space. Governor Martin O’Malley and the Board of Public Works approved the projects at today’s meeting in Annapolis.
Charles County will receive $1.26 million to acquire three parcels totaling 220 acres near the abandoned Popes Creek Railroad corridor in Falkner/Newburg. The funding is comprised of $314,775 in Program Open Space local funds and a $944,325 grant from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s National Coastal Wetlands Conservation Program. This acquisition will offer opportunities for upland forest and estuarine-related tidal wetlands protection, as well as the development of a trail on the former railroad corridor that extends from Route 301 to the Potomac River shoreline.

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Charles County Commissioners Meeting Video

Date:  10/28/2014


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Davis, Holland and Bakir vie for District 2 seat in Charles
Joseph Norris ―

As part of the Bay Net’s Election 2014 coverage we are presenting video interviews with the candidates in the November 4 General Election. Herein are interviews with Charles County Second Election District incumbent commissioner candidate Debra Davis (D), write-in candidate Melanie Holland and Republican Mike Bakir, who responded to our offer for video interviews.

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Commissioners Declare Oct. 26–31 as “Economic Development Week”

On Tuesday, Oct. 28, the County Commissioners declared Oct. 26-31 as Economic Development Week.  Charles County is promoting economic growth, job creation, commercial investment, and revitalization in an effort to attract new businesses, support existing businesses, and improve the lives of citizens.  The county strives to increase the local tax base, partner with businesses that create quality jobs, and develop vibrant communities for businesses and citizens alike. The economic growth and stability of the state affects all Maryland regions and jurisdictions. Charles County is an important component of the state’s economic success, and the Commissioners are highlighting those successes by proclaiming Economic Development Week.

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Dominion begins construction at Cove Point
Daily Record

Construction work has begun on Dominion Energy’s controversial Cove Point liquefied natural gas export facility in Lusby, the company announced Thursday. “This is a historic event for Dominion, Maryland and the nation,” said Diane Leopold, president of Dominion Energy. “The Cove Point LNG export project will help meet the world’s need to move toward cleaner fuels. At the same time, it will provide significant economic benefits in terms of thousands of construction jobs, hundreds of millions of dollars in new tax revenues over the life of the facility and an outlet for some of the nation’s surplus natural gas supplies.” Dominion estimates the project will cost $3.4 billion to $3.8 billion and will create 75 permanent jobs. Environmental groups have tried to stop the project, being built on the site of Dominion’s LNG import facility on the Chesapeake Bay, raising concerns about increased greenhouse gas emissions related to LNG.

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Virginia leads region in business tax climate

The Tax Foundation then ranks states, taking away points for overly complex, economically harmful tax codes, and awarding them for transparent tax codes. The goal is to help taxpayers and policymakers assess how their states compare to others.

Virginia was ranked 27th in the country, dropping from 26th place last year. For its corporate tax structure, the Commonwealth came in sixth, but earned 39th place for its individual income tax structure.

Maryland came in at 40th place. Its sales tax structure earned the state points, bringing it up to 8th place in that category. However, its individual income and property tax structures were in the bottom ten. Overall, Maryland held onto its same ranking from last year.

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Scientists Say They’ve Identified Fragment of Amelia Earhart’s Lost Plane

A group of scientists says it has identified a piece of famed aviator Amelia Earhart’s twin-engine Lockheed Electra, 77 years after her ill-fated flight around the world, reported.

The piece of debris — a custom-made, aluminum window patch — was discovered back in 1991 on the uninhabited atoll of Nikumaroro, part of the southwestern Pacific republic of Kiribati.

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Public Hearing:  Special Exception for a Commercial Greenhouse

THE BOARD OF APPEALS FOR CHARLES COUNTY, MARYLAND has been petitioned by Amir Kacapor for a Special Exception for a commercial greenhouse with on-premise sales permitted, as provided in Article XIII, Section 297-212 (Use 1.05.200) and Article XXV, Section 297-415 of the Charles County Zoning Ordinance.  The address for the proposed use is 6005 Huntt Road, La Plata, Maryland.  The property, designated as Charles County Tax Map 32, Grid 7, Parcel 73, is located in the Rural Conservation Deferred Development (RC(D) Zone.  The Board of Appeals is hereby giving notice that a Public Hearing will be held on this matter Tuesday, November 18, 2014, at 7:00 p.m. in the Commissioners Meeting Room of the Charles County Government Building, La Plata, Maryland.

The Petition and Plans, filed on April 11, 2014, and Zoning Officer’s Report for Docket #1330 are available for inspection at the Office of the Board of Appeals located in the Planning Division, Planning and Growth Management Department, Charles County Government Building, La Plata, Maryland.

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Care goes high-tech with mobile tablet program
Rebecca J. Barnabi ― Maryland Independent

Paperwork becoming thing of the past for EMTs

The amount of patient paperwork has flatlined in Charles County thanks to the addition of mobile tablets in county ambulances.

The mobile tablets — Getac F117s — will make it possible for emergency medical technicians and other emergency personnel to upload patient information electronically to a hospital before the ambulance arrives at the hospital.

“The hospital can see what’s going on with the patient in real time,” Charles County Assistant Chief of Emergency Services Steve Finch said. The tablets will be especially useful in mass casualty instances, such as a bus accident or an active shooter.

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Prince George’s sheriff’s squad finding FAST success
Emilie Shaughnessy ― Gazette

A special Prince George’s County sheriff’s unit tasked with tracking down violent offenders has helped close nearly one-quarter of the outstanding warrants in the county — and counting.

At the end of 2012, there were almost 500 open, active warrants for violent felony offenders in the county, 23 of which were related to homicides, said Capt. William Mints of the county sheriff’s department. In July, the number was down to 377 warrants, with 15 related to homicides, he said. Warrants come to the sheriff’s department if the county police department cannot serve them in a certain period of time, usually 90 days, Mints said.

Mints attributes much of the department’s success in tracking down violent criminals to the new Fugitive Apprehension Surveillance Team (FAST), which began as a cold case unit last November and was renamed and expanded in July.

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Lawyer validates board’s Dominion stance
Marty Madden ―

Amid criticism from citizens and some county commissioner candidates that they mishandled the issue of Dominion Cove Point’s export project, the current Calvert board received a report Tuesday, Oct. 28 that virtually absolved them of any misdeeds.

The presentation was made at the behest of County Attorney John Norris by Alan Robbins of Jennings, Strouss and Salmon PLC. Robbins essentially told the commissioners that because of federal law the decision to move the controversial project forward never was in the county’s purview.

Robbins, an attorney who has specialized in the energy industry, presented a summary of the firm’s research, entitled “Federal Preemption and Calvert County.”

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With selfies and listicles, U.S. politicians go vote-hunting on social media
Alina Selyukh ― REUTERS

From viral videos to selfies, listicles and “throwback Thursday” photos, candidates in the Nov. 4 midterm elections are leaving no social media stone unturned.

Where a 2010 gubernatorial or congressional campaign could proudly claim an active presence on Twitter as something almost fashion-forward, in 2014 a multifaceted digital strategy is seen as a prerequisite, even if little research exists to show how much online politicking translates into votes.

Virtually all candidates are on Twitter and Facebook. Some have Instagram accounts brimming with snapshots from the trail. Most raise money by email and many buy online ads.

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France investigates mystery drone activity over nuclear plants

France has launched an investigation into unidentified drones that have been spotted over nuclear plants operated by state-owned utility EDF (EDF.PA), its interior minister said on Thursday.

Seven nuclear plants across the country were flown over by drones between Oct. 5 and Oct. 20, an EDF spokeswoman said, without any impact on the plants’ safety or functioning.

“There’s a judicial investigation under way, measures are being taken to know what these drones are and neutralize them,” Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve told France Info radio on Thursday, without specifying the measures.

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Maine nurse fights Ebola quarantine, says will not be bullied
Susan Heavey and Roberta Rampton ― REUTERS

Saying she will not be bullied by politicians, a Maine nurse is giving the state an ultimatum: Lift her Ebola quarantine by Thursday or she will disregard the restrictions and go to court.

The saga of nurse Kaci Hickox illustrates how U.S. states are struggling to protect against the virus without resorting to overzealous and useless precautions or violating civil rights.

Hickox, 33, tested negative for Ebola after returning from treating patients in West Africa. She previously blasted New Jersey Governor Chris Christie after she was taken from Newark’s airport and put in quarantine in a tent before being driven to Maine to spend the rest of her 21-day quarantine at her home.

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