Thursday, July 02, 2015
Charles County Board of License Commissioners’ (Liquor Board) Meeting - Agenda

Thursday, July 9, 2015

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Charles County Government - Accounts Payable Payment Information

06/01/2015 - 06/30/2015

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Notice of Public Information Meeting for Sewage Sludge Utilization Permit Applications
Maryland Independent

In accordance with Section 9-234(e) of the Environment Article, Annotated Code of Maryland, the Charles County Commissioners have requested that the Maryland Department of the Environment (the “Department”) conduct a public information meeting regarding Sewage Sludge Utilization (SSU) Permit Applications submitted by Old Line Environmental, Inc. The applications are to land apply treated sewage sludge, at agricultural rates, generated from various wastewater treatment plants on the Cherry Grove Farm LLC Property (CHA 8) located at 9000 Gunston Road, Welcome; Compton Inc. Property (CHA 9) located at 6950 Rose Hill Road, Port Tobacco; Simpson Farm Property (CHA 10) located at 9915 Old Sycamore Road, Charlotte Hall; Biggs and Goddard Property (CHA 14) located at 6025 and 6345 Biggs Farm Place, La Plata; and Donald and Barbara Rowe Property (CHA 15) located at 5680 Arlough Place, La Plata in Charles County.

Notice is given that the Department will hold a public information meeting regarding these applications on July 23, 2015 at 6:30 p.m. in the County Commissioner’s Meeting Room located at the Charles County Government Building, 200 Baltimore Street, La Plata MD 20646. The purpose of the public information meeting is to provide an opportunity to the general public to obtain information about these permit applications and the Department’s review process. Representatives for the applicant and the Department will be available to answer questions regarding these applications.

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Maryland Natural Resources Police Begins Second Season of “Don’t Get Pinched” Crab…
Southern Maryland News Net

...Enforcement Campaign

For the second summer, the Maryland Natural Resources Police is rolling out its blue crab enforcement campaign on the Chesapeake Bay and Potomac River under the banner, “Don’t Get Pinched.”

“‘Don’t Get Pinched’ is our way to remind everyone ─ recreational and commercial crabbers alike ─ that our officers will be on the water, on the docks, at wholesalers and at roadside stands to ensure that everyone plays by the rules,” said Col. George F. Johnson IV, NRP superintendent.

The campaign takes aim at those who ignore regulations on minimum sizes, harvest limits and hours, and crab pot registrations. Officers also will be on the lookout for recreational crabbers who keep female crabs, which is illegal in Maryland.

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A tour of Choptank watershed restoration
JOSH BOLLINGER ― The Star Democrat

High-ranking federal and state officials in environmental and natural resources agencies visited the Cooperative Oxford Laboratory on Thursday, June 25, for a tour of the work in the Choptank River complex and its tributary, the Tred Avon River.

The work being done in the Choptank River complex is more than just restoration or preservation — it’s a community that “comes together around trying to make the Choptank and the greater watershed more viable and more resilient for the long haul,” said National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administrator Kathryn Sullivan.

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FDA evaluating risk of side effects of kids cough medicine
U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) ―

FDA is investigating the safety of using codeine-containing medicines to treat coughs and colds in children under 18 years because of the potential for serious side effects, including slowed or difficult breathing.

Children, especially those who already have breathing problems, may be more susceptible to these serious side effects. In 2013, FDA warned against using codeine in children who recently had surgery to remove their tonsils and/or adenoids.

In April 2015, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) announced that codeine must not be used to treat cough and cold in children under 12 years, and that codeine is not recommended in children and adolescents between 12 and 18 years who have breathing problems, including those with asthma and other chronic breathing problems.

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Montgomery County Council Approves Leggett’s Initiative to Privatize Economic Development
Natasha Mehu ― Maryland Association of Counties - Conduit Street

Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett introduced a bill to the County Council in May to transfer the major functions of the county’s economic development and business promotion to a private-sector-led nonprofit entity. On June 30, 2015 the County Council approved the County Executive’s bill. As announced in a Montgomery County news release:

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Choke: 1,568 new regs, 38,000 Federal Register pages already this year
Paul Bedard ― Washington Examiner

President Obama is making good on his promise to impose new federal regulations with a phone and pen, inking 1,568 already this year while also expanding into “regulatory dark matter” like lawsuits and guidance memos, according to a watchdog group.

Clyde Wayne Crews Jr., of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, issued his mid-year review of new rules and regulations and said that there have already been 130 considered “significant,” with an economic impact of over $100 million annually.

At the current rate, the administration is on par to continue its breakneck speed in issuing regulations and filling the Federal Register for another year. In 2014, the pace was similar when the administration ended up issuing 3,541 new rules and regs and published 78,978 pages of the Federal Register.

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Court ruling spurs backers’ hopes for redistricting changes
ALAN FRAM ― Associated Press

Groups hoping to squeeze partisan politics out of how states shape congressional districts are hailing a Supreme Court decision that lets independent commissions, not legislatures, draw those lines.

But Republicans say Monday’s 5-4 decision upholding Arizona’s independent redistricting commission will have little nationwide impact. And history shows that past efforts to persuade voters to change how states shape districts have had mixed results.

Proponents of shifting redistricting from state legislatures to independent bodies say they’ll rely in part on the same technique Arizona used: Initiatives, which let voters put questions on the ballot, usually after gathering signatures on petitions.

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GE, Electrolux to fight U.S. antitrust lawsuit
Chris Kenning ― USA TODAY

The U.S. Department of Justice filed an antitrust lawsuit Wednesday to block Swedish-owned Electrolux’s proposed $3.3 billion purchase of General Electric’s Louisville-based appliance business.

The suit argues the move could lead to price increases as the combined company dominates sales of kitchen appliances to customers like home builders, property managers, hotels and governments.

But both companies disputed the government’s conclusions, saying they would defend the sale in court but also continue talks in hopes of reaching a settlement.

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Lost, stolen, broken: TSA pays millions for bag claims, USA TODAY investigation finds
Nick Penzenstadler ― USA TODAY

The Transportation Security Administration paid passengers $3 million over the last five years for claims that airport security screeners broke, lost or stole their luggage or items inside, according to a review of about 50,000 complaints.

After investigating to determine if TSA or its agents were responsible, the agency approved or settled with passengers in about 15,000 cases – nearly 1 out of 3 claims filed from 2010 to 2014. Payments ranged from a few bucks for missing food or medicine to several thousand dollars for jewelry, electronics and other items passengers said were broken or disappeared in TSA’s hands.

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New laws go into effect in Md., Va. and D.C.
Jamie Forzato ― WTOP

Starting July 1, new laws go into effect in Virginia, Maryland and the District. The regulations include rules about social media, drones, transportation, and wages.

In Virginia:

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Study: Most Americans suffer from ‘Digital Amnesia’

Quick: What’s your aunt’s cellphone number? Or your best friend’s from college?

Better yet, tell us what you did on Monday? You may have a tough time remembering because the Internet is wrecking your memory. That’s according to a new study from Kaspersky Lab, which finds Americans can’t commit data to memory because the answers are just a click away.

The lab calls it “Digital Amnesia” — the experience of forgetting information that you trust a digital device to store and remember for you.

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US probes possible collusion among airlines to keep fares up

The U.S. government is investigating possible collusion among major airlines to limit available seats, which keeps airfares high, according to a document obtained by The Associated Press.

The civil antitrust investigation by the Justice Department appears to focus on whether airlines illegally signaled to each other how quickly they would add new flights, routes and extra seats.

A letter received Tuesday by major U.S. carriers demands copies of all communications the airlines had with each other, Wall Street analysts and major shareholders about their plans for passenger-carrying capacity, or “the undesirability of your company or any other airline increasing capacity.”

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Open Thread - July 2, 2015


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