Friday, December 19, 2014
Open Thread - December 19, 2014


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Thursday, December 18, 2014
Charles County Board of License Commissioners’ (Liquor Board) Meeting

Date:  12/11/2014



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VanGO Announces New Transit Service Starting Jan. 5

Starting on Monday, Jan. 5, 2015, VanGO is starting a new St. Charles D Route to service the Gleneagles South community in Waldorf, White Plains Regional Park, St. Charles High School,  and Regency Furniture Stadium.  Service will begin at 6:30 a.m. and end at 10 p.m., operating Monday through Saturday.

In addition to the new route, service on the Indian Head Route will increase from every hour and thirty minutes to every hour.  The increased service will give patrons more transit options and better connections to other routes at the Waldorf transfer point.

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As waters continue to rise, Navy seeks comprehensive plan
Leslie Middleton ― Bay Journal

Naval Station Norfolk is the world’s largest naval base and home port to more than 75 ships of the fleet that defends U.S. interests in the Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea and Indian Ocean.

It is also one of the Navy’s most vulnerable.

Norfolk and the surrounding Hampton Roads area, which is home to 28 other defense installations, is experiencing one of the fastest rates of sea level rise in the United States because of the combined influences of rising seas and subsiding land.

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U.S. Secret Service too insular, needs outside leader, more agents: review
Doina Chiacu and Roberta Rampton ― REUTERS

The U.S. Secret Service needs an outsider to overhaul the insular agency, beef up staffing and improve training - after building a higher fence around the White House, an independent review concluded on Thursday.

An executive summary of the highly classified review revealed deep problems at the top of the Secret Service, which is charged with guarding the U.S. president and other senior government officials.

“The panel heard one common critique from those inside and outside the Service: The Service is too insular,” the published summary said.

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Breach insurance: Not just for the big guys
Elizabeth Weise ― USA TODAY

A ruling last week by a federal judge that Target is on the hook for financial losses sustained by banks when it was hacked earlier this year is making companies of all sizes look at breach insurance with a new eye.

Cyberbreach insurance, which covers losses and costs due to hacker attacks on a company’s computer system, is a relatively new type of policy. It was first introduced in the 1990s, mostly to cover computer failures at banks and Fortune 500 companies. In the 2000s it began to be applied to companies whose information had been hacked.

Today, as all types of companies move increasing amounts of their business online, it’s something small- to medium-sized companies need to start thinking about.

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Colorado sued by neighboring states over legal pot
Trevor Hughes ― USA TODAY

The attorneys general of Nebraska and Oklahoma sued Colorado in the U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday, arguing state-legalized marijuana from Colorado is improperly spilling across state lines.

The suit invokes the federal government’s right to regulate both drugs and interstate commerce, and says Colorado’s decision to legalize marijuana has been “particularly burdensome” to police agencies on the other side of the state line.

In June, USA TODAY highlighted the flow of marijuana from Colorado into small towns across Nebraska: felony drug arrests in Chappell, Neb., just 7 miles north of the Colorado border have skyrocketed 400% in three years.

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Files of more than 40,000 federal workers breached

The computer files of more than 40,000 federal workers may have been compromised by a cyberattack at federal contractor KeyPoint Government Solutions, the second breach this year at a major firm handling national security background investigations of workers at federal agencies, the government confirmed Thursday.

Concerned that some data might have been exposed, the Office of Personnel Management has begun notifying the workers that their files were in jeopardy. Nathalie Arriola, speaking for the personnel office, said it will offer credit monitoring at no cost to those affected by the breach.

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Charles County Commissioners Meeting Video

Date: 12/16/2014


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Animal Matters Hearing Board Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

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Dept. of Agriculture presents funds to Southern MD FFA chapters

Maryland Agriculture Secretary Buddy Hance today presented five $500 checks to Southern Maryland FFA Chapters for leadership and chapter development activities during the 2014/2015 school year.

“We are happy to see these funds go towards helping the next generation of farmers gain additional experience in leadership development and agricultural education,” said Secretary Hance.

The following FFA representatives attended the check presentation event at Maryland Department of Agriculture headquarters in Annapolis: Maryland FFA State President Jenell Eck, Maryland FFA Foundation Chairman Bill Schrodel, and Maryland FFA Executive Director Terrie Shank. Each chapter received a $500 check, accepted by the following individuals on its behalf:

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St. Mary’s commissioners to revisit jail, library plans
Dick Myers ―

Two controversial decisions by the former St. Mary’s County Commissioners will be revisited by the new board. On Monday Commissioner Mike Hewitt (R- 2nd District) asked the board to re-look at the decisions to jettison an expanded jail in favor of renovating the existing facility, and shelving a new Leonardtown Library and instead renovating it as well. Hewitt also asked the new board to seriously consider the request in a petition with more than 3,000 names to accelerate plans for a new Garvey Senior Center on the St. Mary’s County Government Center grounds.

The commissioners in 2013 shelved a jail expansion project, and considerable state funding attached to it, after the bid came in $7 million over the $16.2 million budget. The decision to renovate, to the tune of $9 million was criticized by the sheriff, members of his citizen’s advisory committee and the planning commission as being short-sighted.

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Senate may confirm up to 88 federal judges in 2014
Daily Record

No longer impeded by Republican blocking tactics, Democrats are on track to win confirmation of up to 88 of President Barack Obama’s top judicial nominations this year, a total that would be the highest for any president in two decades.

Last year, Democrats made it harder for Republicans to derail Obama’s nominations by weakening the Senate’s rule on filibusters. So far this year, the chamber has approved 76 federal court of appeals and district court judges, all of them lifetime appointments. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., is hoping to confirm a dozen more before adjournment later this week — votes he is pushing with the knowledge that the Republicans who control the Senate next year will be less accommodating.
Another measure of Obama’s impact is on federal appeals courts, which have enormous influence on their regions of the country and can be conduits for cases to reach the Supreme Court. When he took office, 10 of the 13 appeals courts had more judges appointed by Republican than Democratic presidents. Now the balance has switched, with Democratic-appointed majorities on nine of the courts.

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Legislators ask Hogan to reduce spending, cut deficit
Bryan P. Sears ― Daily Record

A bipartisan panel of state legislators on Wednesday approved spending recommendations that include a request for incoming Republican Gov. Larry Hogan to reduce ongoing spending by at least $350 million in his first budget.

Instead of recommending a cap on the percentage of growth of the state operating budget, the 21-member joint Spending Affordability Committee recommended that Hogan take steps to decrease ongoing spending in an effort to better align revenue with the cost of state programs. The recommendation is roughly equal to a 3.5 percent limit on the growth of the fiscal 2016 budget, according to Del. John L. Bohanan Jr, D-St. Mary’s County and co-chair of the committee.

Hogan will deliver his first budget on Jan. 23, just two days after taking the oath of office.

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Md. arrests spur lawsuit over immigrant license data
Daily Record

Immigrant advocates filed a lawsuit Wednesday over concerns that federal immigration agents could use state driver’s license databases to track down people for deportation.

The National Immigration Law Center sued the Department of Homeland Security demanding documents detailing how federal immigration agents access and use driver’s license data.

The lawsuit comes after immigrant advocates in Maryland received reports that federal agents earlier this year arrested several immigrants with prior deportation orders after apparently identifying them with help from a driver’s license photo and vehicle information.

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