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APFO Committee Recommendations

Board Docs - Sep 23, 2014 - Charles County Commissioners’ Meeting

1.05 [9:20 a.m.] Staff Briefing Followed by Commissioners’ Work Session: APFO Committee Recommendations (Mr. Jason Groth, Chief of Resource Infrastructure Management/Mr. John Mudd, Resource Manager, Resource and Infrastructure Management)

School APFO Work Session Outline 9-23-14.pdf (130 KB)

School APFO Minority Report.pdf (1,241 KB)


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Commissioners Approval Items

Board Docs - Sep 23, 2014 - Charles County Commissioners’ Meeting

1.03 [9:10 a.m.] Commissioners Approval Items

PGM Agenda Requests - 2014 CAD 19053.pdf (54 KB)

PGM Agenda Requests 2 - 2014 CAD 19012.pdf (40 KB)


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Charles County 2014 Gubernatorial General Election Early Voting Information

For the 2014 Gubernatorial General Election, citizens of Charles County are able to vote at one of two designated early voting locations:

    The Charles County Board of Elections Office
    201 East Charles Street
    La Plata, MD 20646

    The St. Charles Gleneagles Neighborhood Center
    4900 Kirkcaldy Court
    Waldorf, MD 20602

Early voting centers will be open for voting from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.  from Thursday, Oct. 23 through and including Thursday, Oct. 30. Charles County voters may vote at either designated early voting center.  Addresses, driving directions and photographs of all of the early voting centers are available at

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Maryland prepares for cases of enterovirus

As an uncommon strain of virus continues its march across the country — displaying up most not too long ago in Pennsylvania and Virginia — well being officials in Maryland are warning medical doctors to be on the lookout and advising parents to prepare.

Enterovirus is typical, with millions in the United States sickened every single year, most with mild cases.

But the reasonably rare strain referred to as EV-D68 can trigger severe respiratory illness in children with asthma or other overall health situations, the U.S. Centers for Disease Manage and Prevention warns.

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MGM isn’t wasting time on a groundbreaking ceremony. It has a…
Tucker Echols ― Baltimore Business Journal

... casino war to win

There are times for pomp and circumstance and there are times to get the show on the road.

MGM Resorts International chose the latter when it came to building its $925 million casino in Prince George’s County. MGM chose to forego the trappings of a groundbreaking ceremony for the facility in order to begin work as soon as possible, The Washington Post reported.

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Unemployment rates up in Maryland and Virginia
Jeff Clabaugh ― Washington Business Journal

The nation’s unemployment rate fell to 6.1 percent in August, but jobless rates rose in 24 states, including Maryland and Virginia.

The Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics says Virginia’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate rose to 5.6 percent in August, from 5.3 percent in July. Last month’s unemployment rate in Virginia matched where it was a year ago.

Maryland’s unemployment rate last month was 6.4 percent, up from 6.1 percent in July, but still below the 6.6 percent unemployment rate in August 2013.

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Clicking on eBay listings may put you at risk. What you need to know

Hackers have tapped into a vulnerability on eBay to wage a cross-web site scripting attack and steal user information. The phishing scam exposes the underlying weakness in eBay’s web page.

Shopping on the net at eBay might put you at threat from hackers as revealed in a recent cyber attack.

Hackers waged a “cross-web page scripting attack” on e-retailer eBay’s site by exploiting an current weakness. The hackers were capable to redirect consumers to a phony page, which was created to steal login information.

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Lack of ownership over security leaves website vulnerable…
Jill R. Aitoro ― Washington Business Journal

... to hackers

A “not my job” mentality among contractors — combined with failure by the government to clearly define expectations — contributed to’s security lapses, which leaves the website vulnerable to hackers.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services failed to include some of the hallmarks of effective security in certain systems of Passwords were not of sufficient length or complexity; lack of restriction to the Internet meant unauthorized users could access data; and inconsistent application of security patches — or failure to apply them at all — increased the risk servers could be compromised through exploitation of known vulnerabilities.

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USGS Model Provides Insight into Snake Valley’s Groundwater
U.S. Geological Survey

Proposed increases in water withdrawals in Snake Valley and surrounding areas will likely result in declining groundwater levels and a decrease in natural discharge to springs, according to a new U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) study and simulation model.

Local water users and Utah resource managers have considered the effects of groundwater withdrawals on Snake Valley aquifers since the Southern Nevada Water Authority proposed developing unappropriated groundwater resources in Snake Valley and adjacent basins in eastern Nevada.

“Because of the magnitude of the proposed development project and the interconnected nature of groundwater basins in the region, there have been concerns that new pumping will disrupt Snake Valley’s groundwater supplies and threaten the wetlands and ranches that rely upon them,” said Melissa Masbruch, USGS scientist and lead author of the new report. “This study can help assess the effects of future groundwater withdrawals on groundwater resources in the Snake Valley area.”

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Washington ranks No. 4 for millionaires
Jeff Clabaugh ― Washington Business Journal

The Washington region is rich with millionaires, ranking No. 4 in the nation for high net wealth individuals in 2013.

The annual Capgemini RBC Wealth management U.S. Wealth Report says 221,000 individuals in Washington, D.C. have investable assets of a million dollars or more, excluding real estate holdings. The number of Washington millionaires grew by 15.6 percent last year.

The net worth of Washington’s millionaires rose by 19.3 percent to a combined $886 billion in 2013, also in fourth place.

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How to whittle down that wireless bill
Mitch Lipka ― REUTERS

If you’re unhappy with your cell phone service - and really, who isn’t? - now might be a unique time to either renegotiate your contract or move to a new carrier.

Your window of opportunity may be short, however, as carriers have reached a crescendo in an escalating battle over prices and plans.

The mobile business started to change about a year and half ago, when T-Mobile first said it would ditch contracts and stop subsidizing phones.

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NASA spacecraft approaches Mars to seek answers to lost water
Irene Klotz ― REUTERS

A NASA spacecraft designed to investigate how Mars lost its water is expected to put itself into orbit around the Red Planet on Sunday after a 10-month journey.

After traveling 442 million miles (711 million km) from Earth, the Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution, or MAVEN, probe faces a do-or-die burn of its six braking rockets beginning at 9:37 p.m. EDT.

If successful, the thruster burns will trim enough speed for MAVEN to be captured by Mars’ gravity and fall into a looping orbit.

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Falling used-car prices roil the auto market
Chris Woodyard ― USA TODAY

Used-car prices are sliding, a boon to penny-pinchers, but troubling for new-car sales.

The auto industry sales recovery in recent years means millions of used cars, many coming off lease, are starting to flood the market. The result is a decline in used-car prices that zoomed sky-high after the recession. And the decline is leading to talk that new-car auto sales growth may be peaking.

“We’re going to see a tremendous increase in used-car supply over the next couple of years,” says Larry Dominique, an executive vice president of auto-pricing site TrueCar.

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Keeping kids away from pot brownies
Randi Martin ― WTOP

It is an unintended consequence for the states that have legalized pot: More children showing up in emergency rooms. But it’s not for smoking pot—it’s eating it.

“I don’t think people thought about what we are seeing in the emergency rooms,” says Dr. G. Sam Wang, a pediatric emergency physician and medical toxicologist at Children’s Hospital in Colorado.

Young children are “getting into marijuana products and coming in with various degrees of symptoms and illness,” he says.

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Open Thread - September 21, 2014


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