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Briefing: College of Southern Maryland Hughesville Campus Transportation Study

Board Docs - Jul 07, 2015 - Charles County Commissioners’ Meeting

1.10 [10:45 a.m.] Briefing: College of Southern Maryland Hughesville Campus Transportation Study (Mr. Jeffry Barnett, Chief of Transportation and Community Programs, Community Services)

TLC Cs Briefing 7-7-15.pdf (3,354 KB)

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Work Session: Elrod Property, Zoning Map Amendment

Board Docs - Jul 07, 2015 - Charles County Commissioners’ Meeting

1.09 [10:15 a.m.] Work Session: Elrod Property, Zoning Map Amendment (ZMA #14-51) (Mr. Kirby Blass, Planner III, Department of Planning & Growth Management)

Elrod.Work Session Report.pdf (9,862 KB)

Elrod CC Public Notice_1.pdf (11 KB)

ZMA #14-51 Elrod Property Elrod Combined & Reduced BoardDocs Materials.pdf (14,255 KB)

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Weekend Detour Begins Friday July 10 at 8 p.m.

CSX Transportation will repair the railroad crossing on MD 5 (Mattawoman-Beantown Road) between US 301 and Mattawoman Drive in Charles County the weekend of July 10-13. The work requires crews to close the roadway beginning Friday, July 10 at 8 p.m. They plan to reopen MD 5 by Monday morning, July 13 at 5 a.m.

Traffic will be detoured:

•    Northbound motorists traveling MD 5 will be directed to turn left onto Mattawoman Drive and to turn right onto northbound US 301.
•    Southbound motorists traveling US 301 (Crain Highway) / MD 5 will be detoured to turn left onto Mattawoman Drive and then turn right onto southbound MD 5.

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Lawmakers spend $2M on hotels, food and miles
Chase Cook ―

Each year the members of the General Assembly spend 90 days raking over the state budget, debating $100,000 here, $1 million there.

Meanwhile, on the taxpayers’ dime, they are staying in hotels, claiming expenses for mileage and eating meals. This year Maryland’s lawmakers spent about $2 million in this way, most of it stemming from hotel stays. That amount is close to last year’s.

Some lawmakers pledge not to spend any money in this way; others say the reimbursed expenses help them operate more efficiently. Elected officials can claim $100 a day for lodging, $45 a day for meals and $0.575 per mile.

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11 Family Dollar Stores in Maryland Will Be Sold To Ensure Competition, Protect Consumers
Southern Maryland News Net

Attorney General Brian E. Frosh today announced a plan to protect Maryland shoppers affected by the pending purchase of deep-discount chain Family Dollar Stores, Inc. by competing retailer Dollar Tree, Inc. Under terms of a settlement agreement filed in federal court on Thursday, 11 Family Dollar stores in Maryland will be sold to a different company to maintain competition and low prices in neighborhoods most impacted by the acquisition.

“So many Marylanders rely on these stores for daily necessities like food and toiletries,” Attorney General Frosh said. “This agreement ensures that in places where a Dollar Tree store and a Family Dollar store are close to each other, there will be two different companies operating them, with a built-in incentive to keep prices low.”

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Montgomery Officials Consider Budget Cuts Following Revenue Hit
Andrea Mansfield ― Maryland Association of Counties - Conduit Street

Montgomery County officials have been instructed to prepare spending reduction plans for their agencies following lower than expected revenues and a Supreme Court decision that will result in significant tax refunds. A reported by the Washington Post,


In a memo released late Friday afternoon, the chief administrative officer, Timothy L. Firestine, ordered department heads to prepare 2 percent reductions in spending for the fiscal year that begins Wednesday. The “savings plan,” as Firestine called it, would shave about $25 million from the $5 billion operating budget, county officials estimated.

  Firestine said the reductions would be submitted to the County Council for action before the summer recess that begins after its July 28 session.

  The cuts are necessary, Firestine said, in part because the county’s most recent distribution of income tax revenue from the state fell $21.4 million short of projections. In addition, costs associated with last month’s Supreme Court decision in Comptroller of the Treasury of Maryland v. Wynne may run higher than estimated.

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Oregon marijuana fans look to cash in on new law
Courtney Sherwood ― Yahoo News

More than a thousand marijuana enthusiasts and entrepreneurs met in Oregon on Friday to swap samples, contacts and business tips in hopes of profiting from the state’s new law allowing the recreational use of pot.

Licensed growers handed out free tastes, gardening experts displayed organic plant food and artists sold marijuana pipes to participants at the “Weed the People” event.

“Cannabis is a great opportunity for us,” said D.J. King, a labor organizer with the United Food and Commercial Workers who wants to unionize workers at marijuana grow operations, distributors and retailers.

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After hacks, OPM turns to paper background checks
Nicole Duran ― Washington Examiner

The Office of Personnel Management is going old school.

Late Thursday, OPM ordered all federal agencies to use paper questionnaires for background checks. On Monday, the government’s human resources agency temporarily shutdown its electronic system for processing security clearances and background checks on potential government employees and contractors.

For up to six weeks, the Electronic Questionnaires for Investigations Processing, or e-QIP, system is offline after OPM determined that the web-based platform is vulnerable to hacking.

OPM issued the memo on interim procedures with the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. It allows agencies to continue initiating background investigations for up to secret-level clearances, although the memo states there is no temporary way to handle top-secret levels.

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Rubbing along with robots tackles Abe’s double dilemma
Leika Kihara and Kaori Kaneko ― REUTERS

Factory worker Satomi Iwata has new co-workers, a troupe of humanoid automata that are helping to address two of Japan’s most pressing concerns - a shortage of labor and a need for growth.

The 19 robots, which cost her employer Glory Ltd (6457.T) about 7.4 million yen ($60,000) each, have eye-like sensors and two arms that assemble made-to-order change dispensers alongside their human colleagues in a factory employing 370.

“They aren’t human, but it’s as if I’m working with colleagues who do their work very well,” said Iwata, who has worked at the factory for four years.

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Solar energy revolution: Past point of no return
Travis Hoium ― USA TODAY

When the SunShot Initiative was launched by the U.S. Department of Energy in 2011, even I thought it was a little crazy to think the goal of $1-per-watt solar energy was within reach. In this article from April 2011, I said that $1 per watt by 2017 had a “fighting chance” at best, but it was a long way off at the time.

Last weekend, First Solar’s (FSLR) CEO Jim Hughes said that $1 per watt is not only on the horizon, but is less than two years away. The government’s progress toward achieving $1 per watt by 2017 and having it be a widespread commercial reality by 2020 is well ahead of schedule, and that bodes well for the future of solar energy.

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Who cares about your credit score?
Christine DiGangi ― USA TODAY

Checking your credit score is a little bit like eating your vegetables: Some people genuinely love doing it, others force themselves to and the rest of us write it off as unimportant. After all, your physical and financial health is a personal thing.

It may seem like your credit score and how you manage it is nobody else’s business. You may think your credit score doesn’t matter, because you don’t use credit cards, you don’t have a huge need for accessing credit or you don’t care much about the difference a credit score makes in the interest rates you qualify for in the event you need a loan. The truth is, your credit score can have a bigger impact on your life than you may think it does. Here are some examples of people who care about your credit score…

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Lawmakers alarmed over Iranian nuclear windfall
Oren Dorell ― USA TODAY

A $150 billion windfall Iran would get after a deal to curb its nuclear program is raising new alarms in Congress that it will use the money to boost terrorist funding across the Middle East.

Top Republican and Democratic senators propose legislation that would impose penalties on Iran if it used the money to spread mayhem.

James Clapper, Obama’s director of national intelligence, calls Iran the world’s “foremost state sponsor of terrorism,” citing Iran’s support for Hezbollah in Lebanon, Bashar Assad’s regime in Syria and Houthi insurgents in Yemen.

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Russian craft delivers long-awaited cargo to space station

An unmanned Russian cargo ship has docked successfully at the International Space Station, where it was anxiously awaited by the U.S.-Russian crew after the successive failures of two previous supply missions.

The Progress M-28M ship, which is carrying 2.5 metric tons of fuel, oxygen, water, food and other supplies, was launched into orbit on Friday from the Baikonur launch pad in Kazakhstan. Russian Mission Control said it docked successfully Sunday in the automated mode at the orbiting space station.

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Open Thread - July 5, 2015


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