Monday, February 13, 2012
Obama cuts EPA, increases Chesapeake Bay Program
Daily Record

The Environmental Protection Agency’s main program to restore the Chesapeake Bay would get more money but other projects for the water way would be cut in the budget released Monday by President Barack Obama, a Chesapeake Bay Foundation official said.
However, the budget also calls for a 1.2 percent cut in overall EPA funding, including a 20 percent from a $2.5 billion EPA revolving fund that provides money to the states for clean water programs. The spending plan also cuts staffing for the Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Service which helps farmers reduce runoff and other pollution from their farms.
The EPA’s revolving fund provides assistance to states and local jurisdictions to reduce pollution from sewage treatment plants and urban and suburban runoff. Siglin said they are critical components of state plans to achieve their pollution reduction goals under the EPA’s new federally led bay restoration strategy.

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