Sunday, February 19, 2012
Our Say: Requiring voter IDs won’t fix a crumbling system
The Capital

Del. Nic Kipke of Pasadena last week was taking part in a annual ritual that goes back to at least 2005: Republican legislators offering bills to require Maryland voters to present proof of identification at the polls.
The researchers commissioned by Pew put the number of active registrations in the country that are invalid or inaccurate at 24 million. That’s one out of eight. About 2.75 million people have active registrations in more than one state; more than 70,000 could be registered in three or more.

And more than 1.8 million people listed as active voters are deceased. Just call them “The Voting Dead.”

In the age of the Internet and smartphones, state election officials struggle on with manually entered written records. Without access to the databases or data-matching techniques common in private industry or among other government agencies, they can’t cope with a highly mobile population.

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