Monday, October 31, 2011
Petition drive tries to save Fairfax Co. treehouse
Hank Silverberg ― WTOP

There’s a new tactic in the battle over a treehouse in Fairfax County: A national online petition drive is under way to try to convince the local zoning board not to have it torn down.

Iraq war veteran Mark Grapin kept the promise he made to his two boys before he went off to war. He built them a treehouse on the side of his house in the Broyhill Park area of Fairfax County.

He spent $1,400 on materials and more than $2,000 more on permits once the zoning board told him he had violated the rules.

The board’s decision spread quickly on the Internet after WTOP first reported the dispute. Now, Army Sgt. Cameron Dunbar-Yamaguchi in Oregon has started a petition drive to help Grapin with his appeal.

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