Monday, October 31, 2011
Stolen car victims hit by hefty tow fees
Ben Giles ― Washington Examiner

Car theft victims face steep fines in Prince George’s County when they go pick up their stolen vehicles at impound lots, often forking over hundreds of dollars before their cars are returned.

Basic towing fees cost a minimum of $175 when Prince George’s County police contract local companies to tow away stolen or abandoned vehicles, and storage fees can add up to $50 a day in charges.

It doesn’t take long before the costs of retrieving a stolen vehicle can rise into the hundreds of dollars, and if there’s any hiccup in the process of notifying a car owner, bills can get out of control. Insurance companies may cover those expenses, but victims of auto theft without the proper insurance are responsible for the fees on their own—though by law, all vehicles registered in the state of Maryland must be insured.

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